Zomby Gaga is a 2016-introduced character and is a fiction-only character. She is based off of Lady Gaga and her revolution of monster pride, especially since she calls her fans "Little Monsters". She is a collaboration created with the Born This Way Foundation. She is the Monster High identity of Lady Gaga.


Zomby Gaga has a face resembling a skull with brown eyes and dark areas all over her face, and veins running down from the top of her head. She is blowing a bubblegum bubble out of her mouth. She has pastel pink and grey/purple hair wrapped up in a side ponytail. She wears a black suit that looks like a male's tuxedo, complete with black bowtie, and wears a pair of black platform heels. She has tattoos on her hands of bones, and the words "LADY GAGA" spelled out on her knuckles and spiderwebs on her thumbs. She also has a spine tattoo or her neck. She comes with an alternate outfit, which consists of a red plaid dress with the Lady Gaga logo all over it, and black fishnet tights.


Zomby Gaga is a monster who wants all monsters to be themselves and be true to the world — and true to themselves. She is inspiring, creative, a talented artist and a truly devoted monster.


  • Zomby Gaga's appearance is based on Lady Gaga's Born This Way music video and Rick Genest, a artist, actor, and fashion model who is also known as Zombie Boy.
  • Since she is a musician, she seems to be a more advanced zombie, despite her old age and skeletal appearance.