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Whisp is a 2013-introduced and fiction-only character. She is the made-alive shadow of Gigi Grant, created from a wish for a friend to keep her company by one of finders. For a long time, she was known as the Shadow Genie, but following a wish to turn her into a true genie, she has lost the shadow aspect. Whisp and Gigi have a difficult history, but ever since Whisp became a true genie and has taken over Gigi's duties, getting the spotlight she's always wanted, they've been working on repairing their sisterhood. Whisp is an experienced manipulator and both merciless and creative in obtaining her goals, but she's trying to reform. She wanted to be the genie. Being bad was because she was jealous of Gigi.

Whisp has been trademarked and will likely receive a doll in the near future. At this moment, it's unclear what the spelling of her name will be, so expect this page to move when the time comes.


Whisp is voiced in English by Jonquil Goode.



By Gigi's own words, Whisp is "clever, mischievous and funny, and bursting with new ideas". She is, however, also the jealous type and possesses an amount of magic of her own.


Whisp has two appearances, her shadow genie appearance and her lamp genie appearance. As a shadow genie, her hair is dark purple and is in a high ponytail, similar to Gigi's. Her skin is dark lavender. Her makeup consists of purple and dark purple eyeshadow and dark purple lipstick. Her eyes are pink. Her earrings are shaped like lightning bolts. She has a purple scorpion-like tattoo on her neck, a star, a moon, and a circle moving down along her right cheek, three circles moving up from her right brow, another tattoo on her right hand, and another going down her left arm. Her shirt is dark purple, sapphire blue, and black. She has patterns resembling a scorpion's on her arms. Her torso fades into a genie tail that resembles either smoke or a shadow. Her pants are the same as Gigi's, but the markings are purple, instead of gold.

As a lamp genie, she is a near identical twin image of Gigi with a few differences. Her hair is turquoise with a hot pink stripe and is in a high ponytail, similar to Gigi's. Her skin light pink like Gigi's and she wears the same turquoise eyes shadow with dark pink lipstick. Her eyes are a light green. Her earrings are shaped like gold feathers. Her tattoo markings are exactly like Gigi's now. Her shirt is the same as Gig's except the turquoise and hot pink are switched. Her pants are the same as Gigi's, but they are an off white with a light blue tint opposed to black, and appear to have platinum gold markings opposite her yellow gold ones. She wears the same style of shoes Gigi does, but they are turquoise.



Whisp and Gigi regard each other as sisters, with Whisp being the younger one.


Gigi is Whisp's best and only friend, and Whisp is unhealthily jealous of her.

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