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Weredith Wolf is a 2017-introduced character. She is a werewolf and presumably the youngest cub in the Wolf family.



Weredith is a baby werewolf. However, she is very distinct from the rest of her siblings, or other family members for that. While everyone is for the most part humanoid, outside transformations, Weredith has the body of human newborn, with enhanced paws and fur, but her head is that of a wolf. She has to long tufts of light brown hair, around her cheeks, while dark brown hair covers her wolf ears down to her baby muzzle. She has fangs, a fluffy tail and big yellow eyes. On the top of her head she has a small tuft of purple hair, which she usually wears in a little ponytail.



Clawdia, Clawd, Clawdeen, Howleen, a set of several same birth brothers, in which Barker is a part of, and Pawla are her older siblings. Most fiction also establishes that she has many more other older siblings. Her father is Clawrk, the Wolfman or Wolf Man from the 1941 werewolf film, The Wolf Man, and her mother is Harriet Wolf, which Harriet Wolf is originally known as Clawdeen's mother on the Monster High Wiki.


  • Weredith is a pun on the name Meredith and the 'were' part of the werewolf species.

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