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Pet of a Monster High Student
Profile art - Watzit
Age 10 days
Killer Style I'm made from the best parts of the best pets, so I bark like a dog, purr like a kitten, swim like a fish, have spikes like a dragon, and climb like a monkey, which means I can wear a spiked collar attached to a pink leash and still look good.
Pet Frankie Stein. She's very well behaved and always brings me treats.
Favorite Activity I like playing fetch with Frankie Stein although sometimes when she throws the ball her arm flies off and I have to bring that back too!
Biggest Pet Peeve When monsters treat me like a dog.
Favorite Food Dog biscuits, tuna, bananas and catnip.
BFFs Count Fabulous and Crescent

Watzit is a 2010-introduced and all-around character. He is Frankie Stein's pet simulacrum. Watzit is a creature made up of multiple parts, just like Frankie, but different in that his parts are all from different species. Watzit looks and acts most like a dog, but hates to be identified as such.

Owner's words

"Watzit. I'm not sure all of the things he's made from but Watzit's pet license is 10 pages long."


Watzit looks generally like a regular tan and brown puppy, but he has stitches and some odd parts. He has dichromatic eyes, his right one being blue and his left one being green, just like Frankie. He also has wings, fins, and horns on his head.



Watzit is a creation of Mr. Stein, who started work on him a little under two months after bringing Frankie to life. Frankie Stein's Basic diary, August 24th Construction took about a week, after which Watzit was given to Frankie, with whom he immediately formed a bond. Frankie Stein's Basic diary, August 28th This was a situation that didn't just bring the both of them joy, but Frankie also some help keeping herself together. While playing outside with Watzit one day, her arm fell of as she tried to throw a ball and Watzit brought back ball and arm. Frankie Stein's Basic diary, September 1st When the schoolyear started and Frankie no longer had as much time for Watzit, Watzit started to feel neglected. At one point, he snuck into Mr. Stein's lab and stole an item to bury it in the garden. Mrs. Stein saw him, though, and her husband and daughter about Watzit's behavior. Frankie resolved to get up earlier from then on so she'd have extra time for Watzit. Frankie Stein's School's Out diary, The 15th day of September


He is mentioned in The Ghoul Next Door, when Mr. Stein is thinking of making a family pet, although his name is not stated at the time.


  • 'Basic' Watzit figurine
  • SDCCI 2010 Watzit figurine



'Basic' Watzit is in a sitting position with his wings perked up.

San Diego Comic-Con International dolls

SDCCI 2010 Watzit is a recolor of 'Basic' Watzit. Rather than in tan and brown, he comes in light grey and dark grey.


Monster Cross

Watzit's Monster Cross toy comes packaged with Count Fabulous. His skeleton is blue.


Watzit's Electrocuties toy lights up green.


Watzit is one of the first three Friends plushies released and is packaged with Frankie Stein.

Freakey Ring & Mirror

Watzit's Freakey Ring & Mirror is blue. The Freakey Ring was repackaged with 'Killer Style I' Frankie Stein.



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