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Viperine Gorgon is a a 2013-introduced and all-around character. She is a gorgon from Barcelgroana, Spain. She is a makeup artist employed at Hauntlywood. Specifically, she is the personal makeup artist of Elissabat, star of the Her Majesty series of movies. Though she usually works with the rich and famous, Viperine just as glady goes to elder monsters' homes to do makeovers for the residents. As long as she can be active with makeup, she is satisfied. As the daughter of Stheno, Viperine is the niece of Medusa and Euryale and thus the cousin of Deuce. The two rarely see each other but for the summer vacation, which the Gorgons yearly spend together on Petros Island. Viperine in particular is an affectionate person, though she has the unfortunate habit of showing care by biting others.




Viperine is a girly girl, which is why she's pursued a career as make-up artist.


Viperine has pink and white hair and yellow skin.



She is the daughter of Stheno, whose sisters Medusa and Euryale are her aunts. Deuce Gorgon is Viperine's cousin.


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