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Viperine Gorgon is a a 2013-introduced and all-around character. She is a gorgon from Barcelgroana, Spain and a makeup artist employed at Hauntlywood. Specifically, she is the personal makeup artist of Elissabat, star of the Vampire Majesty series of movies. .




Born and raised in Barcelgroana, Spain, Viperine moved to the Boonighted States of Scaremerica, presumebly to ascend in her show bizz career, starting off low as an trainee intern in one of the many Hauntlwood studios.

Eventually, she was discovered by Elissabat and since then works with her as a make-up artist.


Viperine is a girly girl who is as full of energy as she is of passion for make-up, so much she made it her very own career. She's excitable to the point where it can get a little out of control. This because, despite her affectionate ways, she has the habit of biting people as a form of greeting. Also she is rather talkative, especially if she's lost in her makeup proceeders.

Usually sweet and passive, Viperine is at disadvantage most of the time because of this, and therefore builds an intimidating persona she can bring out whenever it is most needed, and her sharp features, gorgon heritage and snakes within her hair definitely help her on this. Because of this, she is also assertive and will not accept nonsense. She is also a little clumsy, messy and disorganized, which usually makes her arrive late to appointments, which appals her, and when this happens, she simply cannot motor. She doesn't deal well with nervosity and it takes time for her to cool down. Viperine Gorgon's Figurine Booklet

Though she usually works with the rich and famous, Viperine is humble, and just as glady goes to elder monsters' homes to do makeovers for the residents. As long as she can be active with makeup, she is satisfied.

She'll usually let out a hiss when speaking, and a slight lisp, and her vocabulary is full of Spanish expressions, since she is original from Barcegroana.


Viperine has pink and white hair among which seven snakes grow. She has yellow skin and pink eyes, with snake-like streched pupils, and scales althroughout her body, most prominent in her lower forehead between her eyes. With fangs noticibly sprouting from her upper jaw, and a pointy nose.

Viperine dresses in a bohemian way, in 70s inspired fashions with pastel colors from pink and blue, to yellow and white, with only some black. She really likes to wear sunglasses, which, unlike those of her cousin Deuce, aren't needed for protection, but as a fashion statement, and to intimidate other monsters by leading them into thinking her eyes do turn people into stone, which they don't.



  • Make-Up Expertee: Viperine is incredibly handy with make-up, recognizing the best palletes and perfectly applying every thinkible cosmetics accessory. She also loves to do it and takes it into the bussiness world, being a professional artist in Hauntlyhood studios.



She is the daughter of Stheno, whose sisters Medusa and Euryale are her aunts.

Deuce Gorgon is Viperine's cousin. The two don't really get along, they rarely see each other, but are considered pretty cool mutually. They usually only are together in family reunions at Petros Island, but might become closer now that Viperine has estabilished friendship's at Deuce's school, Monster High, and especially with his girlfriend Cleo de Nile.


Viperine is closest with Elissabat, the vampire actress she works for. The two met when Elissabat's former make-up artist quited her job to participate in a reality show, leaving a reflection-less vampire celebrity with no way to check herself up. In order to find a replacement, the actress searched around the studios, but was faced with neglet, due to a rumour that had been spread that noone was to look at her in the eyes. The only soul scatterbrained enough to look was Viperine, who started a chat and got tested as a make-up artist for Elissabat and later hired. Since then the two have been confidants and best friends, sharing secrets, experiences, and know each other like the back of their hands.



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