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Quotation1 How may I romance you? Quotation2
Valentine in "Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love?"

Valentine is a narcisstic, cruel vampire who debuted in "Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love?". He plays a sick game of seducing girls, then intentionally breaking their hearts to add to his "collection", which seems to provide him with great power. 400 years after almost breaking and taking Draculaura's heart, he showed up again thanks to a prank from Toralei Stripe, ready to complete his intitial plan.


He is voiced in English by Jonathan Lipow.



Valentine is mischievous and scheming, using his quick thinking and allusive facade to his advantage. Like most vampires, he is very arrogant and aristocratic, he sports a fake southern accent and a masked personality to get what he wants.


He has pale skin, shaggy hair with black and red stripes and bright pink eyes. His features are strikingly handsome, enough to make any monster girl fall in love with him.



Valentine lives in a mansion with his mother, who appears very protective of him. While Valentine likes to act like he's mature enough to act without her interference, he is not and will look for her aid if he loses control of the situation.



Three Clouds are Valentine's constant companions and accomplices. They revel in the hurt Valentine causes, but aren't too bothered with laughing about their master's misery if the situation occurs.

During his time at Monster High, Valentine got along well with Toralei Stripe, who shared his propensity for cruelty.


Though Valentine has the charms to catch the interest of most girls and the hypnotic powers to grab the interest of the rest, Valentine is only interested in them for their hearts.


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