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    Strawberry Cupcake Kitten

    October 18th - 21st Walmart is having a Monster High scanvenger hunt!

    Go to to see if one near you is participating.

    It lasts from 11am to 4pm, and you don't win any physical prizes, only codes you can redeem online. The prizes so far are unknown, but it's hinted one of (or the only?) the codes leads to a podcast featuring Abbey Bominable. All participants will recieve some kind of goody bag as well.

    The only one participating near me is an hour away, no I probably won't take part in anyways. But I'll try and keep this updated if any more news breaks surface!

    Edit: It's not as exciting as it all :P

    The 'prizes' are a code that leades to the Abbey podcast, some sort of fill in the …

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    Strawberry Cupcake Kitten

    With Monster High's newest stand on bullying and boosting self-esteem by accepting your and other's flaws, Mattel has generated a lot of business and praise...but also controversy. You see, a lot of the backlash comes from MH's target audience actually being lower than what Mattel says the messages are marketed to. However, with MH's huge older fanbase, is it right to just ignore them? I think that messages of self-worth are awesome for any age.

    More controversy comes from (again) that the doll's are promoting unrealistic figures and "sexy" clothes. However, with more than a little research, you can see MH isn't half as bad as any other doll line, and with the message it generates, why criticize the bodies that aren't worse than any other dol…

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    Strawberry Cupcake Kitten

    I don't know if this was blog-worthy or not, but it had to be said. I went reading through several different random blogs, and found some things that disturb me. Now, the whole "bad influence" thing isn't new, but these people have reached a new low. Some of their reasons don't even make any sense whatsoever. They're just judgemental and close-minded, and refuse to see further than a doll's appearance.

      • The infamous Fox News article. Their rubbish reasoning is that MH wants girls to change themselves and their appearance to be acceptable. Their source -- The back of the box of a single doll. No research, just close-minded ideals. The comments in…
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