So, let's talk about the reboot and how the wiki's gotta change because of it.

We are now in the second generation of Monster High. New characters, new focuses, new lores, new everything. 

Jumping immedietly to the meat of the bone, my suggestion is to give articles which need it a differenciation between Gen 1 and Gen 2. The simplest case to explain is our main characters' character pages. They are now a mumbo-jumbo of new and old canon, backstories, profiles, artworks etc. I say we either keep, say, 'Frankie Stein' as a one page, creating a tab that separates Gen 1 and Gen 2, doing the same for Taneeding pages, or creating separate pages: eg. Frankie Stein (Gen 1) & Frankie Stein (Gen 2), making use of our current Page MTab (the Monster History tab) for easy access. 

I've used Frankie as a deliberate example because I personally feel she's the one that differed the most in terms of everything (VA, personality, direction, backstory, etc.). It doesn't make sense to pretend she's the same character as before because they are not, and I feel like we should adress that in our wiki. 


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