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What are Wikia Blogs?

Wikia community blogs allow you to contribute a blog post to any wiki's Community Blog.

It is recommended that one reads up on the rules regarding blog posts before one starts creating blog posts. Acceptable blog topics are news and announcements, questions and recommendations to the community, discussions, and reviews. It is also allowed to post about self-made doll mods and other self-made fancreations, but with two exceptions. One is not allowed to dedicate blog posts solely to Original Character descriptions and profiles and one is not allowed to treat the Monster High Wiki as a fanfiction storage website.

As well, the admins of the Monster High Wiki have the right to occasionally clean out the blog post category, meaning that blogs with no lasting function may at one point be deleted. They can be retrieved upon request, but if there's anything important in the blog post, do make sure you have it saved on your own computer.

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