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About me

Uh, Hey. My name's Noelle. I like to read and write stories and draw new characters. . If you want to see them, click on those little links down there under 'My Fave Pages'.

My Monster Bio

Age: 13

Monster Human Parents: Mom, Dad, Stepmom, Stepdad

Killer Style: I like to chill in hoodies (I never take my hood off) and skinnies.

Freaky Flaw: I'm short fun-size short!

Pet: My dog, Bella. Cutest Chihuahua ever.

Fave Activity: Creating more MH OC's. Reading. Writing.

Biggest Pet Peave: When my mom nags and nags and nags.

Fave School Subject: Art and lunch.

Least Fave School Subject: ELA!

Fave Color: Black, blue, purple.

Fave Food: Gramma's ribs. Family recipe<3

BFF's: Erin, Sara, Kirsten.

Why Do I Like Monster High?

Basically, Monster High is a compromise for me and my mom. She is so stubborn when it comes to Halloween or the colour black or skulls, but since she wants me to be all girly and wear frilly dresses and play with dollies, Monster High dolls are a compromise.

If I Was a Monster Movie Character, I Would Be...

I would definitely be the witch because I love the whole potion making, spell casting, broom flying idea. But also, I would probably be a good witch because in reality, witches aren't bad. It's just an old tale.

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