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January 8, 2012
  • I live in a place wiv rubish wheather
  • I was born on July 25
  • My occupation is high school - BORING!!
  • I am Girl

About me

Hia. I'm Nala. Nala meaning queen. Alot of people do refer to me as a princess as a matter of act. I love Monster High. Some people say that I'm much to old for Monster High and to be collecting dolls, but I don't think that matters really. If someone likes Monster High at the age of 14, then let them like it. It's that persons choice to like Monster High.

It might sound weird but most the time I can be very nice, the other small part of time a bit of a bitch ;) but Im not EVIL. If I was I probs wouldn't be anything like I am. My parents think I've got the brain of a two year old. Anyways, Im only bitchy when Im SUPER pissed or sad - which isnt often. Thats how you spell often right? Wow, I cnt beleive Im 14 - Im to stupid!!! Most the time I apparently have 'blond' moments, of which I dont get - stupid confusing besties!!!!!! Gonna need to stop listenin to my ipod in class :( .

I'm not a major envioromentalsit but I do care for it, I recycle as much as possible. I have a huge obbsesion over Disney. I've had it since as long as I can remember! I'm buzzing for Disney Princess year!! I love Lonely Islnad as well. They are soooo funny. I happen to also love shopping!! I spend my weeknds in town and after school on shopping websites ( Including the Disney website!! ) I love dancing as well. Germs + Me = bad mix. Im a huge germophob. And equal rights, feminisism all for it.

I hope to meet new people on this

byee byee <3 <3 xxx

Why I Like Monster High/Favorite Character

I love Monster High becaue it is a very original thing. I mean, who thinks of a Monster High school!! Its genius! :D And alot of the ghouls have clothes that I would DIE for!! Draculaura is so sweet and has the cutest clothes. Just like her, I am also a pink loving vegan. I also like Cleo because she never gives up ( Well, maybe once but he was under alot of stress ) and also has an great taste for clothes. She doesn't come across to me as demanding at all ( That's probebly used to living with a lot worse ) and at the end of Fright On when she tells Ghoulia what her friendship means to her is just soooooooo sweet. I also really like Abbey. In Abominable Impression when Abbey is trying to be kind but can't do it in the same way as the other Monsters, is very sweet. Spectra is one of my favourites too. Although she is one for gossip, she seems trustable and sweet. And although nothing much has been said about her I quite like C.A Cupid. Can't wait to see her on the Monster High website!!! <3 ^^^^

If I Was a Monster Movie Character, I Would Be...

It's not really a monster but I would like being a fairy. If not a fairy then either a ghost or vampire!! <3 <3 ^^^^^^^^

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