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About me

Well ... if you like things short and sweet then just in general , I'M FLAT OUT CRAZY !!!!! If you want to know more , im 14 years old ( don't judge me >:( ) I have a cat , who goes by many names , but his official name is Mr.Kitty , and ( as I mentioned earlier ) I'm crazy . I'm acustomed to hate and rejection , and have been bullied for a long time , about since the second grade . I can be creepy and somewhat evil at first , but once you get past that and get to know me better , I can be a good friend and loyal ally .

I'm into Monster High , and just monsters in general , and because of monster high , i love old Universal monster movies . Personally my favorite has to be Dracula , second favorite being Creature From The Black Lagoon . Other movies I'm into are Godzilla , Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School ( it's not a horror movie but I love it , and its the first thing that came into my head when I first heard about monster high ) , and the Alien saga . T.V. shows I like are Adventure time , Invader Zim , and Todd and the Book of Pure Evil . I'm absolutly AGAINST anything involving Jersey Shore or Teen Mom , and if you ask me , its stuff like that that causes people to do all sorts of dumb things because they think it'll make them look all cool , but in all reality its just plain flat out STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!

I also hate rap music and pop music ( however for pop music I hate ESPECIALY if it uses a lot of autotune ) . Its so STUPID because its like seriosly , WHY THE bleep IS THIS PERSON EVEN FAMOUS !! If you have to use a bunch of autotune to actually sound somewhat good , then in my eyes your a talentless loser , and you should go back to where ever you came from !!!!!! ( angry ranting ... sorry about that ) . However , not all pop music is bad , i mean , its still not somthing I'll listen to , but I'll dance to it ecasionally at dances . I like rock music and my favorite band has to be Evanescence . I also like System of a Down , Tool , Perfect Circle , Scars on Broadway , Paramore , Kitty , Pucifer , and Incubus .

Overall , my names Ty , I love cats and rock music , and I'm CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!

goodbye ! :P

Why I Like Monster High/Favorite Character

Its about monsters and it teaches kids good moral values , and monsters fricken KICK ASS!!!!!!

as for my favorite character , webisode wise it has to be Abbey Bominable . Mostly because shes hilarious . However doll wise , its a three way tie between Abbey Bominable , C.A Cupid , and Catrine deMew

If I Was a Monster Movie Character, I Would Be...

If i was a monster , i would be an immortal alien dragon ( its a creature i made up ) . However , I also believe that being a gargoyle would be cool too .

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