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About Me

Style: I like pink with black outfits,accesories with hearts and bows and I love wearing makeup!!!

Flaw: I have more than just 1 flaw,I'm crazy (no really,I'm super crazy LOL),messy,dumb,I cry over silly things and get the woosys with blood (O please don't talk about that)

Favorite Activity: Fanging out with friends (you know, die of laughter, having fun,being crazy together and sooo much more!!!),listening to my favorite pop songs(really loud on headphones!!) and having makeovers with friends!!!!

Biggest Pet Peeve: Blood,embarrising moments and rude people.

Favorite School Subject: Well of the ones I take:Science and English

Least Favorite School Subject:Of the ones I take:Fysical Education (The embarrysing moments,the sun,the heat,have to do sports and the lllooooong hour.It's all hideos),History(Hardest class and sometimes sooo booorrriiinng) and Math(My teacher's like Mr.Rotter and he makes it boring and hard to understand).

Favorite Color:Pink and Black togheter!! So pretty!!!

Favorite Food:Fruits,vegetables and sweets!! Mmmm sooo delicios!!!

Bff's:One girl who's just like Clawdeen,a girl who's just like Frankie,another who's just like Abbey and 2 boys from my class.

Why I Like Monster High/FavoriteCharacter*/

I like Monster High because it's different from other things ( also I was all about it before I liked animes a lot). As for my favorite character it would be Ghoulia Yelps ( but i also like Frankie Stein, Lagoona Blue, Abbey Bominable and Spectra Vondergeist).

- NerdyAnimeRockr

Well the truth is that I like it so much I can't even xplain why because I'm all about MH. Well I'm Draculaura!!


If I Was a Monster Movie Character, I Would Be...

If I was a Monster Movie Character, I would probably be a mash-up monster.

- NerdyAnimeRockr

If I was a monster movie character,I would be Draculaura!!


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