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aka ❤️❁ Naomi ❁❤️

  • I live in South Austraila
  • I was born on March 16
  • My occupation is High school student
  • I am Young lady (Born 2001)

About me

Hello its Naynoo555 im 14 years old and im girly and smart and i love to care for the enivromment. When people trash the earth that makes me sad and i dont like being left out and im also not a fan of roaches.

My favorite food is bacon and my favorite drink is lemon cordial.

I have Autism wich is a brain affect and i think diffrently but im still a special girl and i go to a Disability unit at a high school.

My favorite animal is dogs and cats and butterflys and ladybirds (ladybeetles)

i have a little brother named Cameron and he is 11 years old and he has Musclar distrophy wich is a weakness to the muscles and he plays video games.

The colour pink makes me happy            

What I look like

I have brown,long and staight hair and blue eyes.

Why I Like Monster High/Favorite Character

I like monster high because i just love the characters and its like a real high school.i just love it!

My favorite character is Draculaura because she likes pink like me and when i wear black and i put pink with it and i like the ghouls and guys of monster high and i love everyone of them.

My character personalty is Venus and Draculaura because i like nature and saving the planet just like her cause she likes to care for the envromment and im bright and loud but i dont have punk rock style and cause of Draculaura i'm friendly and i get upset easly and i'm also a bit childish. I'm also like abbey as well because I am tall and pretty like her and I'm very funny

Venus and Draculaura are my #1 characters and Rochelle is #2 And Abbey #3

If I Was a Monster Movie Character, I Would Be...

A Dracula like in Young Dracula (TV show) or maybe a Zombie

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