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July 14, 2012
  • I live in Arkansas, USA
  • I was born on August 29
  • My occupation is hahaha don't have one yet but I'd love to be a kid's party planner ...or, ya know, a professor :P seriously
  • I am femalllllleeeeee


I'm a southern blonde, fifteen and a pop culture and MH junkie so all y'all parents can ask me anything you need to about what your kids might come to amorrrrrr. I've got some fangtastic party ideas and voltagious recipes and schemes :)))))))))))))))))))))))))) :D :P

I add blog posts whenever i have an idea. It comes here first, regardless of its merit (usually I test them out first, though.......hehe)

So pretty please with icing on top check out my blog!

In other news I'm completely OBSESSED with MH! I have an adorable mural above my bed with all the characters, all the books, but I don't have any dolls (mom says they are too expensive) YET, but stay tuned...

If I Could Be In Monster High As My Own Character...

I would be the character I created (one of fifteen), Sirena Song, a blonde Greek-Scandanavian blonde siren with Grecian style and accent and some Scandanavian featuress. I posted her full bio :)

My Favorite MH Character, Couple, and Pet

Character would be Lagoona because of her looks (similar to mine) and kind heart and her ADORABLE accent. But I heart Frankie's innocence, Clawdeen's attitude, and Cleo's style. Soooo, not sure entirely. Favorite pet is DEFINATELY Watzit: cutest idea EVER! Couple=Cleo and Deuce. THEY ARE PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER (sorry :) fangirl moment) (OH MY RA! just thought of something! monster high fangirl moments should be called fang-girl moments!!! haha! you heard it here first!)

Facts About Me That I For Some Reason Feel Like Putting On Here

  • I am obsessed with MH (durrrrr)
  • I play the trumpet so j'adore la musique
  • I speak French somewhat
  • My writing doesnt really show my true personality, so, while I am in this learning process, please DONT JUDGE ME :).....seriously
  • I am so overly opinionated in real life that it borders on radical liberalism...
  • The first word I could spell was BATHTUB. Then RED. :)
  • i never liked Disney princesses because I didn't understand why Snow White waited for a man, rather than going and finding one...
  • Racism makes me uncomfortable...sometimes furious
  • My favorite music is Alternative Rock, some Folk, classic rock, and my ultimate favorite is Big Band Jazz (like from the 20s-40s)
  • I'm jealous of people who have actual monster high dreams...I WANT ONE SO BAD
  • I'm blonde and have an IQ of 164, but my BFF Emily Wu Baomei who is Chinese (obviously) is one of the most airheady people I know (its adorable but my point is we are living irony)
  • I'm fascinated by gymnastics, but I can't even do a cartwheel

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