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January 21, 2012
  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on December 7
  • My occupation is SCHOOl!
  • I am Female/girl

About me

Hiya Ghouls!

My computer name is Megarala. I am currently a girl that lives in Canada. I adore Monster High, it's pretty cute. I've seen ever single webisode three or four times at least and I own six seven of the dolls. They are: Draculaura and Clawd two-pack, Cleo and Deuce two-pack, Lagoona Blue Hydration Station, Toralei Stripe, and C.A. Cupid. I intend to get MANY more.

If I happen to make a mistake on a page, please tell me. I can't fix it if I don't know its wrong.

I am currently working on my first OC. She's almost done. I have put some pics of her on my blog. For those who wonder why, its because it really annoys me when people put original characters on this wiki. Put your OCs on the the Fandom Wiki. That's why its there.

I am a guinea pig fanatic. I have two piggies named Tiger and Oreo, the pride and joy of my life. They are three years old.

For those who wonder, I got Clawdeen on the Monster High Personality Test. Its actually kinda creepy how much we're like. I'm PROBABLY not as hairy as her, but it comes close. I remind myself of a gorilla (or a werewolf :) ) ~Megarala~

My Favorite Character

Well, this is very hard. I'll write a list of my favourite characters in the order I like them in.

  1. Toralei. Love the way she acts like a real cat. Love her voice! I got the doll of her at WALMART (of all places!).
  2. Clawdeen. She's very cute and reminds me of me. If I were a character from the series, I would be her. We even have the same hair, earrings, personality, skin colour, even a bumch of annoying siblings, (not the ears or fangs though! :) )!
  3. Ula D. Adorably vegan. So sad I couldn't have the same determination to be vegan as her.
  4. Lagoona! She is very cute and I love her accent. I wish they would let her say Shayla in the webisodes like she does in the books.
  5. Heath Burns. Whenever I see him, I laugh. I think Mattel should REALLY make a doll of him. I mean, who doesn't want a doll with fire for hair? And yes, I know he's really annoying. That's why I love him.
  6. Frankie. I like her and all, but she's got such incredible luck, it annoys me. I mean, in "New Ghoul At School" for example, she says that Deuce is her boyfriend, but she still gets put on the fearleading team. Guess its just because she's the main character though...
  7. Abbey. I love her accent and the way the is very blunt about everything. I wish there were more people like her in the world.
  8. Deuce. He makes me feel bad for him. He seems to be very jinxed, seeing as he's always getting hurt. It also doesn't help he's going out with Cleo. I mean, what does he see in her?
  9. Cleo. She's very funny to listen to, seeing as she believes she's better than everyone, gets herself in many predicaments.
  10. Ghoulia. To put it bluntly, I don't "get" her. I would like her better if I could understand what she says. From what I know, she seems incredibly sweet though.
  11. I really hate Nefera. I read her diary and I have to say, she's rotten to the core. There isn't a speck of niceness in her. It makes me kinda sad.
  12. Spectra and C.A. Cupid. I don't not like them, its just that they're so new to me, I don't know enough about them to rate them.

If I Was a Monster Movie Character, I Would Be...

If you were in a monster movie, what character would you be?

Probably Frankienstein's bride. I love the way she looks!

Interesting Things About Me

  • I wish to be a rocket engineer.
  • I swam with a swimteam for six years... I don't anymore however.
  • I have invented the hoverchair...
  • Along with a design for wings.
  • I really like writing.
  • Monster High is a huge part of my life.
  • Most of my clothes come from Bootlegger.
  • I happen to be highly gifted (I took a school test and proved to be one of the highest in the province).
  • I don't swear. At all.
  • I am Christian, but I won't discriminate, try to change your mind, or laugh if you're not.
  • My favourite food is either perogies or macaroni and cheese.
  • I know alot of interesting things about random stuff. ("Did you know there are at least nine people in the world who look just like you?)
  • My favourite speeches to listen to are ones on things we take for granted... eg. glitter.
  • My laptop is about nine years old and is faster than my parent's four or five year one.
  • I really like Robot Unicorn Attack.
  • I knit alot.
  • My favourite shirt is a purple cowlneck.

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