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About me

  • Where do I start...
  • I live in Australia
  • I live on a farm
  • Obsessed with Animals and Pokemon
  • I live in a small country town 'bout 1000 peoples
  • Obsessed unhealthily with manga and animes
  • I like all Cheezburger sites, if I'm not working I'll probably be their
  • Right now I'm pretty happy
  • I'm a lazy editor, who's mainly for entertainment purposes
  • Reading Breath by Tim Winton (that man is a word master)
  • Watching some early morning show or Once Upon A Time/Revenge, I love American dramas
  • Listening to any 80's mainstream stuff
  • Playing Pokemon White 2, it is amazing
  • Eating a... does chewing on my Smencil count
  • Drinking ? Spilling on shirt... a caramel milkshake
  • One of my fave ships in Pokemon Adventures BlackxWhite (BlairxWhitlea if you will).

Why I Like Monster High/Favorite Character

I like MH because it reflects my life a lot, and the designs are great, and the fandom is small and most are nice people.

My favourite characters would have to be Lagoona (cause she is an Aussie), Operetta (cause she's a bit of a rebel), Spectra (cause she isn't afraid to excercise her rights), while my least favourites would have to be Draculaura (she's getting better), Abbey (she is a bully in her own right) and Ghoulia (because she is just... well infuriating she doesn't speak and then they use her in every... single... line..., but some of her clothes are cool.) Yup there all what we like to call sheilas.

If I Was a Monster Movie Character, I Would Be...

One of the giant ones, like an ape, robot, dinosaur or an alien, don't know why but any from the game Monsterpocalypse really.

My Timeline

The Cussing Anon, The Troll, (Got an account), The Annoying Blog Posts, The Suck-up and now just me (who still needs refining).

My favorite pages and Bio


Parents: Human... duh, or vampire I have the right teeth, or maybe a Grim Reaper I can use a scythe

Freaky Flaw: I'm a bit over the top and in your face... I can be pretty defensive and if someone bullies me I bully them back, but otherwise I'm a likeable person (well I like to think I am).

Killer Style: It's Summer, so singlets and boardies (board shorts)

Fav Colour: Regal, earthy tones

Fav Food: Anything my mum cooks or my dad produces on the farm (lamb roast = luv) and my sisters meringue, they are like Spectra light and sweet.

Fav Activity: Jogging and talking to myself and drawing and singing and stuff and writing and other stuff and gaming and inviting psycho killers into my house

Pet Peeve: My claustrophobia, I hate being underwater and surrounded by people, which is why I try to avoid them

Pet: Lots, I live on a farm so their is sheep, cats, dogs, horses and chickens. Everything

Fav Subject: I enjoy Humanities (we call it Society and Environment over here)

Least Fav Subject: Maths... so many numbers o_0 and lines and shapes and pronumerals and gahhh! 

Thoughts, Feels, Rants

Basically this is where I will out my thoughts about new webisodes, characters, doll lines, etcetera. If you stupid enough to want to know my opinion on a certain thing, talk page me. 

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