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aka Dorian ( yes this is my REAL name :P)

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July 13, 2012
  • I live in My TT,TMNT,and MH World :)
  • I was born on June 10
  • My occupation is Fangirl
  • I am a Girl

HI Guys it's MHRULES aka Dorian! :3

I know I haven't been on here in like forever but, I've gotten sucked into TMNT, Teen Titans, Teen Titans Go, Sims, MPGIS, FNAF 0_0, school (meh -.-), and other internet nonsense xD

I'm currently in 9th grade (Freshman Woo! ^.^)

I'm not into MH and EAH like I used to but I still like it. Recently, I've watched Haunted and thought it was super cool and cute :)

So some facts about me:

Fav color: Gold/Silver

Interests: Theater, singing, sketching fashion, reading, playing with my parakeet, doing funny voices (I want to be a voice actress), and watching TMNT and Teen Titans go like nonstop xDD

Age: 14

Fav food: Anything sweet or meaty (Bacon, chicken, and turkey xD)

Disliked food: Veggies (ick) especially string beans ugh -.-

Anyway, if you want to reach me, I'm @FutureFangirl10 on twitter (Alot of TMNT and Teen Titans action on there Just warning ya!)and I'm might get tumblr idk who knows xD

Anyways, Luv Ya BYE!,


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