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aka Dorian ( yes this is my REAL name :P)

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July 13, 2012
  • I live in My TT,TMNT,and MH World :)
  • I was born on June 10
  • My occupation is Fangirl
  • I am Girl

I Love Monster High I am like obsessed with it i dont have all the dolls... okay just seven lol.

I tend to stalk the wiki to see if there's any news going on.

I Ship the following couples:







And My New ship Robecca/ Clawd A.K.A. Robeclawd or Clawdbecca.

And so on.


My top ten favorite MH characters and reasons why:

  1. 10:Heath (Um, he is okay, but really annoying)
  2. 9:Frankie (I'm sorry but she is good, my favorite, but yeah never mind. :p)
  3. 8:Operetta ( She is okay like Heath but they dont show her that much. Boo. :(
  4. 7:Howleen (She is really funny. Love the attitude)
  5. 6:Robecca ( Even though I read her diary and her profile, She seems REALLY cool :3)
  6. 5:Spectra ( Same with Operetta but she is so quiet and so sweet :)
  7. 4: Draculaura ( Love the birthmark and soooooo cute!!!!! O_O)
    Cleo ( I never liked her during webisode season 1 I was like YAY CLEO O_O Akward! But I like her now. Yay!)
  8. 2:Clawdeen ( She just crack me up like her sis :3)

AND #1 IS...................... *Drum ROLL* ABBEY! YAY WOO HOO! She just makes me laugh she gets straight to the point ! LOL! And all the other characters are awesome too.


I can do most of their voices espically Abbey

I love Big Time Rush and Justin Bieber

I love music

Even though they are very old I like Teen Titans. My favorite is Raven.

My top five fav quotes:

"Clawd needs ME!"-Rising From The Dead

"Well, did he know that I Would say this, YOUR BEING A REAL JERK! *Scoots over akwardly and loudly*-Fright On!

"Duh! I think I know what a throne looks like."-Mad Science Fair

" ENOUGH! You sound like Baby Yak at meal time. MMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH"-Fright On!

"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! oh...." -Fright On!

If I could be a MH character I would be Clawdeen SHE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! I even made my own character.

I am a HUGE eater

I love sweets!!!!

I talk ALOT I talk so much you will get sooo annoyed and jump out a window :(

My favorite character is Abbey

My fav colors are gold and silver

I Love random stuff I like Bratzylimz on Youtube she and sister make the funniest videos! I love Regular Show and Adventure Time! And I love Myfroggy stuff! She's a CRAFT WIZARD!!! O.o

Thats it for now! <3

Monster High Foreva! :)


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