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About me

My name is Kirstie, but I go by "Kiki". I'm 19 years old, and I love Monster High. I lived in Japan for nine years, and I recently moved to America. I first came across Monster High as I was walking through the toy aisle in Wal-Mart. The only doll there was Jackson Jekyll. I had no idea what Monster High was or how popular it has become, I just saw him and knew that I wanted to buy him the next time I go to the store. I eventually do go back and see him and Frankie Stein. Both of their boxes side-by-side. They became my first two dolls in my growing collection of Monster High.

Why I Like Monster High/Favorite Character

I like Monster High because they are obviously different from the average Barbies and Bratz dolls. When I saw Jackson, I looked at him and thought "I've never seen a doll look this good". I had a hard time choosing between Spectra and Frankie as one of my first dolls along with Jackson, but eventually I chose Frankie. She was just so beautiful, and if I had seen the webisodes before the time came that I had to choose, I wouldn't have even had to think about it. I would have just grabbed Frankie.

Before I had even watched the web series, I paired my Jackson and Frankie dolls together. When I found out there was a show, I was honestly afraid to watch it out of fear that I may be disappointed if they ended up not liking eachother in the webisodes. The first episode I watched was Miss Infearmation, and I was so happy to see that they show an interest in eachother. Since then, I've watched every single episode and have decided that Frankie is my favorite character. I can relate to her mistakes and being the new girl and her personality is so appealing to me. I really hope in my heart that Jackson and Frankie become an official couple, but I love Monster High so much now that even if they don't I can live with it. I'll be disappointed, but it'll be fine.

My Monster High Short Films:

Beastly and the Beauty (Part 1): Holt/Jackson is cursed to spend his life living as a "normie" unless he falls in love and finds someone to love him in return.

Beastly and the Beauty (Part 2)

Beastly and the Beauty (Part 3)

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