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(In order from when i got them): Frankie Stein (Basic), Ghoulia Yelps (Dawn Of The Dance), Clawdeen Wolf (Gloom Beach), Draculara (Gloom Beach), Abbey Bominable (Skull Shores), Lagoona Blue (Classroom), Cleo De Nile (Schools Out), Operetta (Basic), Jackson Jeykll (Gloom Beach), Venus McFlytrap (Basic), Robecca Steam (Basic), Rochelle Goyle (Basic), Spectra Vondergeist (Dot Dead Gorgeous), Frankie Stein (Skulltimate Roller Maze), Frankie Stein (Ghouls Rule), Abbey Bomniable (Basic), Cupid C.A. (Basic), Lagoona Blue (Skulltimate Roller Maze), Ghoulia Yelps (Skulltimate Roller Maze), Draculaura (Scary Tales), Frankie Stein (Ghouls Alive!), Cleo De Nile (Picture Day), Howleen Wolf (Dance Class), Operetta (Skulltimate Roller Maze), Create-A-Monster Dragon and Werewolf (Dragonna and Wolfetta), Opperetta (Dance Class), Jinafire Long (Scaris), Skelita Calavars  (Scaris), Catrine Demew (Scaris), Ghoulia Yelps (Scaris), Abbey Bomniable (Picture Day), Deuce Gorgon (Scaris), Gigi Grant (13 wishes), Twyla (13 wishes), Draculara (music festival), Clawd Wolf (music festival), Catty Noir (Friday The 13th), Abbey Bominable (Skulltimate Roller Maze), Create-A-Monster Cat and Witch (Catella and Elise), Honey Swamp (Frights Camera Action), Elissabat (Frights Camera Action), Scarah Screams (I <3 Fashion), Spectra Vondergeist (Power Ghouls), Jane Boolittle (Basic), Viperine Gorgon (Frights Camera Action), Toralei Stripe (Power Ghouls), Clawdia Wolf (Frights Camera Action), Abbey Bominable (Class Room), Heath Burns(Class Room), Robecca Steam (Dance Class), Slow Moe (Ghoul Spirit).


Frankie Stein, Cleo De Nile, Operetta, Venus McFlytrap, Robecca Steam, Rochelle Goyle, Lagoona`s Mad Scince Book, Abbey Bomniable, Cupid C.A. Snow Bite Story Book, Cleo`s Fearbook, Catrine Demew, Jinafire Long, Skelita Calavars, Abbey`s Fearbook, Catty Noir, Power Ghoul Spectra, Honey Swamp, Elissabat, Jane Boolittle, Viperine, Power Ghoul Toralei, Clawdia, Home Ick Heath and Abbey.


Watzit, Daddy O` Long Legs, Chewlian, Captian Penny, Roux, Shiver, Dustin, Sultan Sting, Needles.

Extra items

Clothing drawer, velvet poster w/markers, stickers, postcards, diarys, brushes, movies, postcard pictures, coloring pages, Ghoulfriends books, fearbook.

About dolls

I got Frankie(B) and Ghoulia(DOTD) together, Clawdeen(GB) and Draculaura(GB) together, Abbey(SS) alone, Operetta(B) alone, Jackson(GB) alone, Lagoona(CR) and Cleo(SO) together, Venus(B), Robecca(B), and Rochelle(B) together, Spectra(DDG) alone, Frankie(SKRM) alone, Frankie(GR) alone, Abbey,(B) and Cupid C.A.(B) together, Lagoona(SKRM) alone, Ghoulia(SKRM) alone, Dracuaura(ST), Frankie(GA!), Cleo(PD), and Howleen(DC) together, Operetta(SKRM) alone, Dragonna and Wolfetta(C-A-M) alone, Opperetta(DC) alone, Jinafire(S), Skelita(S), and Catrine(S) together, Ghoulia(S) alone, Abbey(PD) alone, Deuce(S) alone, Gigi(13) and Twyla(13) together, Clawd(MF) and Draculara(MF) together, Catty(13) alone, Abbey(SKRM) alone, Scarah(IHF), Spectra(PG), Honey(FCA), Elissabat(FCA), and Jane(B) together, Viperine(FCA) and Toralei(PG) together, Clawdia(FCA), Abbey(CR), and Heath(CR) together, Robecca(DC) alone, Slow Moe(GS) alone.


3 Gloom Beach, 1 Skull Shores, 1 Dot Dead Gorgeous, 4 Skulltimate Roller Maze, 1 ghouls rule

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