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-Frankie Stein (Basic), Ghoulia Yelps (Dawn Of The Dance).


-Clawdeen Wolf (Gloom Beach), Draculara (Gloom Beach).

-Abbey Bominable (Skull Shores).

-Lagoona Blue (Classroom), Cleo De Nile (Schools Out).

-Operetta (Basic).

-Jackson Jeykll (Gloom Beach).

-Venus McFlytrap (Basic), Robecca Steam (Basic), Rochelle Goyle (Basic).

-Spectra Vondergeist (Dot Dead Gorgeous).

-Frankie Stein (Skulltimate Roller Maze).

-Frankie Stein (Ghouls Rule).

-Abbey Bomniable (Basic), Cupid C.A. (Basic).

-Lagoona Blue (Skulltimate Roller Maze).

-Ghoulia Yelps (Skulltimate Roller Maze).

-Draculaura (Scary Tales), Frankie Stein (Ghouls Alive!), Cleo De Nile (Picture Day).


-Howleen Wolf (Dance Class).

-Operetta (Skulltimate Roller Maze).

-Create-A-Monster Dragon and Werewolf.

-Opperetta (Dance Class).

-Jinafire Long (Scaris), Skelita Calavars  (Scaris), Catrine Demew (Scaris).

-Ghoulia Yelps (Scaris), Create-A-Monster Add On Pack Harpy.

-Abbey Bomniable (Picture Day).

-Deuce Gorgon (Scaris).

-Gigi Grant (13 wishes), Twyla (13 wishes).

-Draculara (music festival), Clawd Wolf (music festival).

-Catty Noir (Signature Doll).

-Abbey Bominable (Skulltimate Roller Maze).

-Create-A-Monster Cat and Witch.

-Honey Swamp (Frights Camera Action), Elissabat (Frights Camera Action), Scarah Screams (I <3 Fashion), Spectra Vondergeist (Power Ghouls), Jane Boolittle (Signature Doll).


-Viperine Gorgon (Frights Camera Action), Toralei Stripe (Power Ghouls).

-Clawdia Wolf (Frights Camera Action), Abbey Bominable (Class Room), Heath Burns (Class Room).

-Robecca Steam (Dance Class).

-Slow Moe (Ghoul Spirit).

-Lagoona Blue (Swim Class).

-Meowlody & Purrsephone (Zombie Shake).

-Sirena Von Boo (Freaky Fusion), Bonita Femur (Freaky Fusion).

-Avea Trotter (Freaky Fusion).

-Cleolei (Freaky Fusion).

-Wydowna Spider (I <3 Fashion).

-Gilda Goldstag (We Are Monster High), Casta Fierce (Signature Doll).

-Abbey Bomniable (13 Wishes: Haunt The Casbah).

-Neighthan Rot (Freaky Fusion).

-Marisol Coxi (Monster Exchange).

-Invisi Billy (New Scaremester), Kiyomi Haunterly (Haunted), Vandala Doubloon (Haunted).

-Lorna McNessie (Monster Exchange).


-Porter "Paintergeist" Geiss (Haunted), River Styxx (Haunted).

-Gil Webber (Manster), Deuce Gorgon (Manster).

-Amanita Nightshade (Gloom and Bloom).

-Twyla (Haunted).

-Garrott Du Roque (Love in Scaris), Rochelle Goyle (Love in Scaris).

-Elle Eedee (Boo York, Boo York - Gala Ghoulfriends).

-Nefera de Nile (Boo York, Boo York - City Schemes).

-Gooliope Jellington (Freak Du Chic).

-Mouscedes King (Boo York, Boo York - Gala Ghoulfriends).

-Luna Mothews (Boo York, Boo York - Gala Ghoulfriends).

-Draculara (Monster Exchange - With Free Passport Booklet).

-Astranova (Boo York, Boo York - With Floatation Station).

-Bay Tidechaser (Fright Mares).

-Fretz Quartzmane (Fright Mares).

-Iris Clops (I <3 Fashion).

-Fawntine Fallowheart (Fright Mares).

-Penepole Steamtail (Fright Mares).

-Flara Blaze (Fright Mares), Peri and Pearl Serpentine (Great Scarrier Reef), Isi Dawndancer (Brand Boo Students).

-Kala Mer'ri (Great Scarrier Reef).


-Posea Reef (Great Scarrier Reef).

Clawdeen Wolf (Great Scarrier Reef).

-Batsy Claro (Brand Boo Students).


-Watzit (Frankie Stein Basic)

-Daddy O` Long Legs (Operetta Basic)

-Chewlian (Venus McFlytrap Basic)

-Captian Penny (Robecca Steam Basic)

-Roux (Rochelle Goyle Basic)

-Shiver (Abbey Bominable Basic)

-Dustin (Gigi Grant 13 Wishes)

-Sultan Sting (Twyla 13 Wishes)

-Cushion (Howleen Wolf 13 Wishes)

-Needles (Jane Boolittle Basic)


-Ghoulfriends forever (Gitty Daneshvari).

-Ghoulfriends just want to have fun (Gitty Daneshvari).

-Ghoulfriends who's that ghoulfriend? (Gitty Daneshvari).

-Ghoulfriends 'til the end (Gitty Daneshvari).

-Monster High (Lisi Harrison).

-Monster High Diaries #2: Frankie Stein and the New Ghoul at School (Nessi Monstrata).















-New Ghoul at School (X2).

-Ghouls Rule.

-Why do Ghouls fall in Love? / Friday Night Frights.

-13 Wishes.

-Frights, Camera, Action!.

-Freaky Fusion.

-Fright on! / Escape from Skull Shores.


-Scaris (With Free Monster Exchange Passport Stickers).

-Boo York, Boo York.

-Scaremester Collection (Webisodes).


-Monster High: Ghoul Spirit (DS).

-Monster High: New Ghoul at School (PS3).

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