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July 3, 2012
  • I live in The USA.
  • I was born on May 31
  • My occupation is Sexuality Rights Activist and Obsessive Shipper
  • I am Mentally Unstable

Hello! :)

Greetings Wikians :D I am known as Invader Gia, but please, call me Gia :D Let me tell you a little about myself :)

Fun Facts About Me! :D

  • I am usually a pleasant person
  • I'm very strange and slightly creepy :D
  • My Avatar: It's a drawing by: JackFreak1994 on Deviantart, of my favorite shipping of all time ^-^, Zim stealing a kiss from Gaz :D
  • I am 12 years old
  • I tend to talk to fictional characters when I'm alone or in public XD
  • I am in love with Dib (Invader Zim) I swear, if you get me talking about him, I'll never stop XD
  • I can get waaayyyy offtopic sometimes, so beware when you talk to me :D
  • ZAGR (Zim And Gaz Romance) is my fav. shipping of all time :D
  • I always tend to fall for the smart ones (Dib, Ferb, Egon, The 10th Doctor, ect.)
  • I get my ideas out of nowhere...A lot XD
  • I love emoticons :D :) :( :O :P XD ^-^
  • I'm a suburban girl
  • I put hot sauce on...just about everything XD
  • I currently own a voodoo doll that helps inspire creativity and ideas :D
  • I love writing, so if you're ever in need of ideas, come to me and I just might have a few :P
  • I draw Invader Zim characters and OC's all the time :D
  • I'm extremely random...CRACKERS!!!...Sorry about that XD
  • I like the game series, The Tales of Monkey Island and Professor Layton
  • I own a chihuahua terrier mix, and a boston terrier
  • My favorite phrase is, "Fight fire with marshmallows" cuz that's what I do :D
  • I always try to be the optimist :)
  • I sleep just like Dib XD
  • I have Dib syndrome
  • I have DOD (Dib Obsessive Disorder) XD
  • I am a HUGE Key Of Awesome Fan :D
  • Holt is my fav. Monster by far <3
  • I refuse to read the hunger games until my friends shut up about it, which is never going o happen :P
  • My Current Signature Is: "Why was there ham in my pocket?" Oh, Dib XD 17:54, July 18, 2012 (UTC)

My Wonderful Friendz ^-^

  • -XoXo (One Word Description: Hilarious XD)
  • Ur1Ghoul (One Word Description: Awesome :D)
  • Kepa (One Word Description: Fabulous :P)
  • ClawdeenRocks (One word Description:Funny :))

Shows I Watch and Favorite Characters

  • Invader Zim: Dib (I have a lot in common with him, plus, he's too cute too resist :D)
  • The Grim Adventures Of Billy and Mandy: Grim (He's cool, dark, has a great sense of humor, and his evil laugh rocks!!)
  • The Addams Family: Wednesday (I love her sweet innocence of a little girl, but with a dash of good old Addams :D)
  • Doctor Who: The 10th Doctor (I love his smart, positive attitude, and his style :D)
  • Xiaolin Showdown: Jack Spicer (I don't know, there's just something about him...)
  • Kim Possible: Shego (I like her fiesty, smart-alec attitude XD)
  • Chowder: Mung Daal (I love his sense of humor XD)
  • Phineas and Ferb: Ferb (Do I really need an explination?)
  • Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends: Eduardo (I love his beast-like exterior, and soft, sweet, loveable heart :D)
  • Adventure Time: Marceline The Vampire Queen (She's just so awesome ^-^ And I loved it when she ticked off PB XD Hilarious XDXDXD)
  • Regular Show: Pops (He's so sweet and naive, and he never has a bad thing to say :D)
  • Dexter's Laboratory: Dee-Dee (She's waky, fun, and hilarious XD)
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: Sokka (He's funny and entertaining XD)

Shippings I Support

  • Deucelle (DeuceXRochelle)
  • Hoperetta (HoltXOperetta)
  • Jectra (JacksonXSpectra)
  • Joulia (JacksonXGhoulia)
  • Habbey (HeathXAbbey)
  • Cleuce (CleoXDeuce)
  • Vegoona (VenusXLagoona)
  • Tawdeen (TorelaiXClawdeen)
  • Toraline (TorelaiXValentine)
  • CupidXValentine
  • Volt (VenusXHolt)
  • Hobecca (HoltXRobecca)
  • Hectra (HoltXSpectra)
  • Valera (ValentineXNefera)
  • Romdeen (ClawdeenXRomulos)
  • Drawd (DraculauraXClawd)

Shippings From Other Shows/Movies I Support

  • ZAGR (Invader Zim, it's my favorite shipping of all time ^-^)
  • DATR (IZ, I lovez it :D)
  • ZADR (IZ, It's pretty funny, and kinda hot XD)
  • SATNNR (IZ, Aww! It's so cute :D)
  • ZADE (IZ, XD It's so hilarious XD)
  • ZATE (IZ, Zim and Tak will always be enemies in my mind)
  • KAZR (IZ, I found it, and fell in love with it :D)
  • GAMR (IZ, Gottal love SIR Unit love :D)
  • GAGR (IZ, It's pretty cute :))
  • Bellatrix X Voldemort (Harry Potter, Come on, they'd be perfect for each other :D)
  • Luna X Neville (I'm in love with this pairing ^-^)
  • Harley Quinn X The Joker (Batman, My second fav. shipping of all time! It's crazy, adorable, mad, evil love <3)
  • Batman X Catwoman (Batman, The hero in love with the villain, odd, but I love it :D)
  • Robin X Poison Ivy (Batman, I don't know why, but I love this pairing <3)
  • Batgirl X Nightwing (Batman, I love this pairing ^-^)
  • Ferb X Vanessa (Phineas and Ferb, It's almost destiny that my two fav. characters on that show have a shipping :D)
  • Phineas X Isabella (PnF, I don't really care about this shipping, but I guess I like it ^-^)
  • Finn X Marceline (Adventure Time, Who cares about Bubblegum? Marceline is way cooler :D)
  • Fionna X Marshal Lee (AT, Again, who cares about Gumball? Marshal Lee is way cooler :D)
  • Danny X Sam (Danny Phantom, It's cute :D)
  • Danny X Ember (DP, I love this more than Danny X Sam XD)
  • Johnny X Kitty (DP, Amazing ^-^)
  • Katara X Aang (Avatar: The Last Airbender, I likez it :D)
  • Katara X Zuko (ATLA, I love this more than Katara X Aang XD)
  • Sokka X Toph (ATLA, Tokka forever! :D)
  • Sokka X Yue (I would ship this all the way if Yue hadn't done that D:)
  • Rose X The 10th Doctor (Doctor Who, They make an adorable couple :P)
  • Martha X Mickey (DW, Yay! No more competition for Rose :D)
  • Amy X Rory (DW, An adorable, young couple :D)
  • Alex X The 11th Doctor (DW, I love this couple :D)
  • Beast Boy X Raven (Teen Titans, Yay! I love this :D)
  • Robin X Raven (TT, Raven is so much cooler than Starfire)
  • Robin X Starfire (TT, I guess I like it...)
  • Egon X Janine (Ghostbusters, One-sided, but still awesome :D)
  • Billy X Mandy (The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, It's so cute :D)
  • Grim X Maleria (TGABM, She only appeared once, but she was Grim's one true love :D)
  • Margret X Mordecai (Regular Show, It's one-sided, so far...)
  • Rigby X Irene (RS, I love this pairing ^-^)
  • Raimundo X Kimiko (Xiaolin Showdown, My fav. Pairing of the entire show :D)
  • Jack X Ashley (XS, Is there anything better than evil love?)
  • Chowder X Panini (Chowder, Adorable, simply adorable ^-^)
  • Ceviche X Panini (Chowder, Awww! ^-^)
  • Timmy X Tootie (Fairly Odd Parents, I love this couple :))
  • Timmy X Trixie (FOP, I don't really care who Timmy ends up with, eother girl is cool with me :D)
  • Cosmo X Wanda (FOP, I love these two!)
  • Trixie X Remy (FOP, A match made in hevan <3)
  • Juandissimos X Blonda (FOP, they would look so cute ^0^)
  • Mac X Goo (Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, I love this shipping :D)
  • Mac X Frankie (FHFIF, I kinda like it ^-^)
  • Jackie X Fluffernutter (FHFIF, It' so cute )
  • Johnny X Heather (Johnny Bravo, She only appeared once, but she was Johnny's soul mate <3)
  • Kim X Ron (Kim Possible, I kinda like it ^-^)
  • Shego X Drakken (KP, Love is there, I know it :D)
  • Arthur X Carmelita (The Tick, It's so amazing :D)
  • Deflaturmous X American Maid (The Tick, I like them :D)
  • Alice X The Mad Hatter (Tim Burton's Alice and Wonderland, I loved it from the minute the Hatter came on screen :D)

Random Things

  • Save the rain forests!!!
  • I love vampires :D, and I mean, real, blood-sucking, cape wearing, burns-in-sunlight, vampires
  • I'm an admin on Invader Zim Shipping Fanon Wiki , if you take an interest in Invader Zim, come check it out ^-^
  • "We're all mad here" XD
  • I guess that's all for now

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