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About me

I like bold and original things in life... like monster high! I also like to express myself in a unique kind of way.My favourite color is violet.I like sorts of purples and blues...Although all other colors are fascinating,too!My favorite kind of pet is a kitten.I know it sounds obvious,cuz my username is Coolkittens9.My fave thing to do is collect MH dolls.They are soooooo well detailed.Well, i guess thats it. XOXO, Coolkittens9

Why I Like Monster High/Favorite Character

I like monster high because the dolls and characters are soooo well detailed. My favorite character is Rochelle Goyle.Second is Spectra and third is Ghoulia.Also,my fave MH pet is Roux.

My favorite page

My Fave Classical Monster

It's absolutely a GARGOYLE! They're just so great! On the right is a pic of Rochelle.The gargoyle at MH.You can EASILY tell that she's a gargoyle.Sorry im using sooooooooo many capitals.My apologies.My second fave monster is a vampire.I mean,like,vamps are soooooooooo cool! How can you resist them?! Well, I guess that's about it.XOXO,Coolkittens9

The Best OC Ever!!!!

Well, you know.R.A.Q.U.E.L.G.O.Y.L.E. I mean,well, she's OBVIOUSLY Rochelle's big sister.Someone should actually make a Rocky Goyle.Rochelle's little sis.Age 112.SERIOUSLY,THEY SHOULD!!!!

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