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August 24, 2012
  • I was born on March 23
  • My occupation is being a massive fangirl.
  • I am female

About me

You wanna hear about me? Well, OK. My obsession and madness started a couple of years, with Dead Tired Cleo(Who is no longer in my possession. :P). At first, I was a bit uneasy about them because I didn't like monsters...I picked Cleo because a) She was the only other different doll I could afford and b) she was the most normal looking...I do not regret picking her over a webkinz (I had 40-ish of them at the time...). I've met SO many wonderful people on here that if you asked me to list them off, I couldn't do it. I also found my way to fanfiction and tumblr because of them.

Animal Crossing is another obsession of mine. I don't quite clearly understand why, it just is...I play it for hours whenever I pick up my 3DS (Or whenever I'm not on the internet.) and don't stop until I either get bored or go to bed. Another honorable mention is anime/manga. My favorite has gotta be Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Doll collection

  • DT ghoulia
  • Basic Cleo
  • PD Cleo
  • GB Cleo
  • GR Cleo
  • HtC Draculaura
  • KS Draculaura
  • PD Draculaura
  • SRM Frankie
  • SO Frankie
  • GB Frankie
  • CoF Deuce
  • Scaris Catrine
  • Scaris Jinafire
  • Scaris Skelita
  • SRM Operetta
  • Basic Howleen
  • DC Howleen
  • SO Lagoona
  • Skull Shores Lagoona
  • DDG Lagoona
  • PG Spectra
  • Catty Noir
  • PG Toralei
  • Basic Rochelle
  • SP Clawdeen
  • SRM Clawdeen
  • GR Abbey

And this list will be added onto! ^u^

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