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Twitter - first post

The Monster High Twitter account is the fourth of the social media accounts Mattel made to support the franchise. The account was made on March 13, 2012, only two months after the Tumblr account.

The Twitter account is used in essentially the same way as the Facebook account. The tweets' content is a mixture of stories, facts (found under the #MHFacts and‬ #FreakyFact‬ tags), character quotes, contest announcements, fanart appreciation, campaign promotion, webisode notifications, and an assortment of other topics.


Contest Date contest
To celebrate the Twitter account's creation, a giveaway was hosted that won five people a B&W Skull Shores Frankie Stein doll. March 13, 2012
To celebrate the premiere of "Escape From Skull Shores", a giveaway was hosted that won thirteen people a B&W Skull Shores Frankie Stein doll. April 13, 2012
In honor of the WeStopHate campaign, a giveaway was hosted that won 25 people a pair of WeStopHate bracelets. May 13, 2012
To celebrate both Freaky Fab 13 and San Diego Comic-Con International, a giveaway was hosted that won thirteen people a Scarah Screams and Hoodude Voodoo 2-pack. July 13, 2012
To celebrate Freaky Fab 13, a giveaway was hosted that won thirteen people the book Ghoulfriends Forever. August 13, 2012
As part of the Back 2 School promotion, a giveaway was hosted that won thirteen people a Monster High backpack. September 6, 2012
To celebrate Freaky Fab 13, a Skultimate Scavenger Haunt giveaway was organized. Participants were asked to answer three questions:
  • QUESTION #1: What did Abbey "bring" on the rink? CLUE: Scour the Gory Gazette for hints
  • QUESTION #2: Who spent the week tuning her skates? CLUE: Scour recent MH Facebook posts for hints.
  • QUESTION #3: Who won Operetta & Lagoona's epic race? CLUE: Scour past MH Twitter posts for hints.

Thirteen prizes were given out to the winners: twelve times the Skultimate Roller Maze for either Wii or DS, and one grand prize of the Wii version of the game, a Wii, a Monster High Wii cover, and the first five Skultimate Roller Maze dolls released (3 individual dolls, 1 doll two-pack).

September 13, 2012
To celebrate the release of the "Ghouls Rule" DVD, a giveaway was hosted that won seven people the DVD and six others a party pack containing: the DVD, a blanket, ear buds, and a sketch book. October 9, 2012
To celebrate Freaky Fab 13 and Halloween, a giveaway was hosted that won seven people a Clawdeen Wolf adult costume, one a Clawdeen Wolf child costume, one a Draculaura child costume, two a Lagoona Blue child costume, one a Cleo De Nile child costume, and a last one a Spectra Vondergeist child costume. October 13, 2012
To celebrate Freaky Fab 13, a giveaway was hosted that won one person a Monster High scooter and thirteen people Monster High magazine subscriptions for 1 year, equal to four issues. November 13, 2012
To celebrate Freaky Fab 13, a giveaway was hosted that won thirteen people a Monster High Apptivity figurine. December 13, 2012
To celebrate the release of the "Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love?"/"Friday Night Frights" DVD, a giveaway was hosted that won thirteen people the DVD. February 5, 2013
To celebrate the release of the 3DS version of Skultimate Roller Maze , a giveaway was hosted that won thirteen people the 3DS game. March 13, 2013


Story Date
Ghoulia is teaching Sir Hoots-A-Lot the ins and outs of tweeting! He’s sure to be a pro by the end of the day. May 3, 2012
Happy Birthday to school songstress, Operetta! Her high notes always strike the right chord. June 12, 2012
Deuce and Clawd are deadlocked in a sizzling summer sports tournament. The next tennis match will decide the ‪winner! June 19, 2012
Frankie just blew out her candles & is opening presents. Such a great day for a fangtastic friend. June 26, 2012
Summer vacation with the Wolf Pack can be wild but Clawdeen knows how to make a tough situation totally freaky-fab. July 17, 2012
Lagoona is swimming in excitement over the upcoming swim-meets! Maybe one day she'll take part! July 24, 2012
Happy Birthday to future Monster High valedictorian, Ghoulia Yelps! July 25, 2012
Draculaura here, tweeting to you from Scaris! Rochelle was totes right, the architecture in this city really is so fangtastic! July 30, 2012
Happy Birthday to the kitty that totally knows how to pull a prank! Toralei is sure to celebrate in style today. August 20, 2012
Monster High can be deadly silent during the summer. The Bitology Lab is a graveyard when classes aren’t in session. August 8, 2012
Monster High comes alive toward the end of summer! Guys and ghouls practicing to dominate fall sports, haunt the halls for all to see. August 21, 2012
Toralei can’t seem to wipe that unpleasant look from her face after sipping on some super sour milk earlier. Chin up, ghoul! October 1, 2012
Frankie is sparking with excitement over tonight's festivities. It's one of her favorite nights of the year! (Frankenstein Friday) October 26, 2012
The Werecat Twins are furrvently celebrating National Cat Day! They can't stop purring about the student appreciation. October 19, 2012
Happy Birthday to campus gossip ghoul, Spectra Vondergeist! Your rumor mill is constantly churning out sinister scandal worth reading. October 30, 2012
Happy Birthday to C.A. Cupid - the most drop dead gorgeous voice ever to grace the Monster High airwaves! November 24, 2012
Spectra has been blogging with outdated tech for too long! This howliday, she's wailing for the newest iCoffin Dead.0 to spread her gossip. December 5, 2012
Jackson is crossing his fingers to get one item on his wishlist. Noise cancelling head phones, to keep loud music at bay. December 10, 2012
This howliday season, Operetta is giving boo-sic lessons to the MH ghouls and guys! It's way more freaky fab to give gifts than to receive. December 12, 2012
Happy Birthday to cool kid sister, Howleen Wolf! The whole pack is celebrating with a wild party at midnight. December 21, 2012
It looks like the voice of Monster High is dying to discover more about her monster lineage. She's been lost in the details all day. January 4, 2013
Ghoulia screams of creating her own comic book series in 2013. With her smarts & skills, she's bound to make it come true. January 14, 2013
Today's Gore-ography lesson? International cities filled with fascinating hiss-tories! January 16, 2013
Frankie can’t stop talking about the upcoming #SKRM season. She’s definitely a leader when it comes to scream spirit! January 17, 2013
Cleo's Gore-ography presentation on Scairo has the class talking collegiate. The ancient city is home to the oldest university in the world! January 25, 2013
A few ghouls have captured a lurk of the 2013 SKRM uniform designs in Clawdeen's sketchbook. Rumor has it they're freaky fierce! January 28, 2013
Clawdeen has been following MME. Moanatella Ghoustier's career for centuries! She'd die to work for the famous designer. January 29, 2013
Today's birthday wishes go out to Gillington "Gil" Webber! Lagoona is preparing a surprise party that is bound to make a huge splash. January 30, 2013
Rochelle's Gore-ography class presentation on the City of Frights received a standing ovation! January 31, 2013
Holt's 2013 scream is totally hot! He’s dying to pick out an outraaageous new theme song this year February 6, 2013
Tonight's epic SKRM matchup is bound to be a thrill. Robecca is determined to lead the team to a freaky-fierce victory. February 8, 2013
Clawd's ready to scream into 2013 with his goals: Casketball championships & weekly date nights with his number one ghoul. February 12, 2013
Ula D looks ravishing in her one-of-a-kind Clawdeen original outfit! It was a present to wish her BGFF a very happy birthday! February 14, 2013
No one is as excited for 2013 as Spectra. Her scream is for the Ghostly Gossip to be more popular than ever! February 25, 2013
Frankie Flashback: She found an old Skull Shores pamphlet and can't stop reminiscing about her last thrilling spring break. February 26, 2013
An epic flashion mob is going down now! Clawdeen's creeperific original designs are absolutely breathtaking. February 27, 2013
Deuce is screaming of balance in 2013. He wants to be a rock star boyfriend, but also leave time for his friends. February 28, 2013
Birthday shout out to cool dude at school, Deuce Gorgon. Rock on and enjoy the day, bro! March 5, 2013
All of Howleen's hard work in hip-hop class has finally paid off! She captured an A for yesterday's fierce in-class performance. March 6, 2013
Top secret SKRM strategy sessions are currently brewing between Robecca & Clawd! March 12, 2013
Ghoulia’s hard work on Clawdeen’s fashion website is about to pay off. The ghouls can’t stop talking about the uhhh-mazing site! March 20, 2013


Fact Date
Did you know: Frankie Stein has 9 stitches. Yes, she gets them from her father. March 28, 2012
Frankie's parents once vacationed on Skull Shores. April 5, 2012
A mysterious creature named Fynn taught Operetta to play guitar. April 17, 2012
Lagoona dreams of riding monster waves at Cyclops, Dungeon Beach and Ghost Trees - all real world, legendary surf locales! May 7, 2012
Ghoulia's parents work for the Department of Monster Vehicles. May 16, 2012
Jackson and Holt don't agree on much, but they both know how to rock May 30th (their birthday)! May 30, 2012
"Well, it's certainly uncontaminated by cheese" is quoted in Howleen's diary, but few know it's a real line from a famous TV show. June 15, 2012
Ula D loves to vacation in Dacia (now called Romania). The ancient Roman province holds some of her fondest childhood memories. June 27, 2012
Did you know that Toralei Stripe taught Cleo everything she knows about Fearleading? July 6, 2012
Deuce's dangerous "Gorgon Stare" doesn't affect the already rock solid Rochelle Goyle. July 18, 2012
Time ticks on and Robecca Steam celebrates yet another birthday! Have a riveting day, ghoul. July 29, 2012
C.A. Cupid may bring couples together, but she truly has a hard time finding a monster of her own. August 17, 2012
Jackson's aversion to loud music may not be the only trigger to summon Holt. August 28, 2012
The Werecat family line can be traced back to ancient Egypt and India. September 7, 2012
Clawdeen prefers to play soccer barefoot, but settles for a modified “open toed” pair of spikes to meet regulation standards. September 25, 2012
Slow-Moe Deadovitch has brains and brawn! He represented Monster High in a city championship chess match. October 8, 2012
Scarah Screams spends every summer at telepathy camp. October 24, 2012
Toralei's pet saber tooth tiger cub, Sweet Fang, is so strong she plays with a ball of dragon thread. November 6, 2012
Frankie isn't the only ghoul to capture Jackson's heart! He briefly dated Draculaura before she got together with Clawd. November 21, 2012
Did you know Frankie plugs in to GPS to find her classes? Without it, she short circuits and finds herself lost in the catacombs. January 3, 2013
Rochelle attended rival Granite High, before transferring to compete on the SKRM course for the MH Nightmares. January 11, 2013
Cupid's aim with a microphone is much more accurate than her arrows. January 15, 2013
Clawd hates being typecast as the jock. He may be way into sports, but he's got mad skills in biteology and clawculus too. February 1, 2013
Rochelle likes to skate the SKRM courses when she needs to clear her head. February 26, 2013
In Abbey's culture, Yetis create paintings that tell their life stories. Abbey's painting includes her time at Monster High. March 21, 2013


Quote Character Date
If my calculations are correct, geek-chic will be the next big craze. Ghoulia Yelps April 6, 2012
My motto when hitting the maul: Be Yourself. Be Unique. Be a Monster. Frankie Stein April 19, 2012
Having a best friend you trust is worth far more than a sarcophagus filled with diamonds and rubies. Cleo de Nile May 2, 2012
Music fills the gap when words are not enough to tell our stories. Holt Hyde May 21, 2012
Long summer days are always the best for making memories with friends that will last for the rest of your un-life. Clawd Wolf August 17, 2012
Don't conform to pack mentality this semester! A unique personality will always put you a paw above the masses. Howleen Wolf September 5, 2012
The best thing about going back to school is the smell of musty books in the library. UHHHn-believable! Ghoulia Yelps September 14, 2012
With winter around corner, I'm not caught dead without faux fur boots in every color. Best accessory this side of mountain. Abbey Bominable September 28, 2012
Dressing up isn't about changing who you are; it's about showing off a superior side of your sparkling personality. Cleo de Nile October 17, 2012
I'm so fang-ful to have beast friends who are happy to let me be me. Even when my personalities dual. Jackson Jekyll November 20, 2012
Friendship is like an eye-onic bond. We may be oppositely charged, but our differences make us the beast of friends. Ghoulia Yelps December 19, 2012
It's finally midnight at Monster High & I hope all of my beasties have a totes fangtastic 2013! Smooches! Draculaura December 31, 2012
I have screamed of being a fashion designer since I was the runt of the pack. Here's to all of my hopes and screams coming true! Clawdeen Wolf January 8, 2013
This year is the first time in centuries that ghouls & boys will play SKRM together! Voltageous, considering last year's battle. Frankie Stein January 9, 2013
Real love isn't about candlelight or presents. It's about finding a creeperific monster who loves you, for freaky fab you! C.A. Cupid January 22, 2013
Wishing you hearts and fangs on this most creeperific C.A. Cupid February 14, 2013
My advice on prepping for spring break? Gold accessories are superior for anything from city travels to tropical locales. Cleo de Nile February 14, 2013
Screaming of home in 2013 (and Garrott Du Roque, of course). It would be truly fangtastique to see him again. Rochelle Goyle March 18, 2013
Crikey, I'd be stoked to make a big splash & impress Gil's parents in 2013! Lagoona Blue March 22, 2013
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