Treesa Thornwillow is a 2017-introduced character and the daughter of a tree nymph.


Treesa is a gigantic ghoul, that mixes well with the trees in the forest. In fact, her body is made of wood, in a brown hue. She also has noticeable wood grain texture all throughout her body. She has long spindly arms, with several branches sprouting out, like a real tree. Her legs are also long as thin, and seem to be able to take the form of a tree trunk at will. She has green vines branching out her back all around, like a peacock's tail. She has hazel eyes, and curly burgundy hair, down to her shoulders, with electric green highlights.


  • December 25, 2015: Treesa Thronwillow's images were revealed through a leak in the Swagsbucks survey, along with the Garden Ghouls line.

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