The Lost Movie was an upcoming Monster High movie, loosely based on the Monster High cartoon. It was unknown when it was to come out, but it features most characters from Ever After High, bringing some of the Ever After High students to meet the Monster High students. It was cancelled due to the MH reboot. The fairytale students of the Ever After High franchise finally have a crossover with the students of Monster High. It features: Apple White, Raven Queen, and Madeline Hatter. It turns out that Raven Queen, daughter of the notorious, most-evil Evil Queen who's ever lived, tells them that her mother, the Evil Queen is plotting to take over the Monster World of the Monster High World, and that if they don't hurry up to defeat her, then the whole school of Monster High will be doomed!

Raven, the other Ever After High students, and Monster High students must team up to defeat the notorious Evil Queen and save both of the worlds of Ever After and Monster High!

A book entitled The Legend of Shadow High, scheduled for release on October 17th, is said to replace this movie.


  • This is the second crossover with Ever After High, with Boo York, Boo York technically being the first.
  • So fair main characters in it are Clawdeen, Draculaura, and CleoFrankie is nowhere to be seen in the trailers and previews.
  • The ghouls and Ever After High students will be trapped in a magical labyrinth that was created by the Evil Queen, and with Draculaura's friend Una they will have to find the way out.
  • In the labyrinth Clawd Wolf will have an evil twin or clone created by something to stop the Ghouls from passing all the way through. In one clip, Una calls him a bridge troll.
  • When they were thrown in the river by the evil twin of Clawd's they switched powers. Clawdeen lost her werewolf abilities to Maddie and Draculaura lost her vampire abilities to Raven.

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