The Kraken is a 2016-introduced and cartoon-only character. They're a gigantic octopus monster who lives deep in Great Scarrier Reef. A Kraken appears in "Escape From Skull Shores", but the Kraken is in the TV special: Great Scarrier Reef where it is the father of Kala Mer'ri.


In the English dub, the Kraken's vocal effects are provided by Piotr Michael.



He's a monstrous purple octopus creature, a big beak like mouth and red fiery eyes. From their bags three feelers sprout, in each side, that fade from purple to red and gold.

Classic Monster

The Kraken is a mythical sea monster whose most popular representations feature them as either a gigantic octopus or a giant squid. Legend tells that the creature will rise to the surface, and with its arms, it'll sink ships and drown sailors.

Believed Ability

  • Fear-Killing Stare: According to the legends of the deep, if one looks the Kraken in the eye, it will never be afraid to do anything ever again.

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