After the girls crashed the Halloween Fashion Show, they become the talk of the school. This brings Cleo de Nile on a jealous rampage. When she meets the girls, Cleo says what's in her heart, but then the ghouls says that the humans love them, it is fantastic and they was super spooky. Cleo was too mad until their servants calms her, and Cleo said that they will have a duel. Everyone makes a weird act, but Cleo changes the topic-the duel.

The first challenger, Frankie, was lose because Cleo says that she had no match for her ever-growing cunning. The next challenger, Lagoona, lose the duel when Hissette says the moisturizer she's using is a love potion she tries to use to win. Lagoona is shocked that it didn't work. The 3rd challenger, Clawdeen, in with a fashion duel. Clawdeen says that she is the best fashionista at the school, but Cleo's servants and Hissette opens the window, showing the full moon. Clawdeen's hair starts to getting big, then she says she wants to quit the duel. And the next, Draculaura loses her duel, being declared by Cleo as a "second-rate being." Cleo rides away on her chariot pulled by her servants while thinking she's the most smart and cunning of the school.

The girls are upset at how agonizing and intolerable Cleo is. Then Draculaura gets an idea. The ghouls all ask to take pictures of her on their iCoffin phones, much to Cleo's delight at being worshiped and that the ghouls have finally realized her greatness. But the ghouls are actually using the golden glitter and light from Cleo as they take selfies of themselves, and Cleo remains none the wiser.


  1. De Nile servants
  2. Draculaura
  3. Clawdeen Wolf
  4. Frankie Stein
  5. Lagoona Blue
  6. Cleo de Nile
  7. Hissette



  • This webisode is dedicated to Cleo de Nile.