The Ghoul Next Door is the second book in the Monster High series by Lisi Harrison. It was released on April 5, 2011, followed by its thirteenth chapter on August 8, 2012. Its focus-character is Cleo de Nile.


Chapter 1: Pharaoh Knows Best

Despite that the September Semi fiasco of yesterday forced all the RADs to precautionarily keep their children inside, Cleo has been able to dodge some of that bullet because her father was out of town. He is due to return today, though, and Cleo and her servants Hasina and Beb are working hard to prepare a suitable welcome. Ramses de Nile and his assistant Manu arrive a little earlier than planned, but most of the preparations are already done. Cleo goes to greet her father and is surprised when he greets her back with a warmth that is unusual for him. It turns out that, despite being out of town, Ramses knows everything that happened yesterday, except for the involvement of any RADs but Frankie Stein. His concern for his daughter's safety is what brought on his unusual demeanor. Cleo is mostly annoyed her father somehow always manages to know what's happening. She accompanies him to the dining room so he can tell about his journey. Ramses tells about his excavation work in his sister's, Nefertiti's, tomb and the impressive jewels found there. Manu opens the briefcase to show Cleo the finds, but to Ramses's annoyance, Cleo is only interested in one item: a Vogue business card from Anna Wintour. Cleo insists he tells the story behind that and Ramses confides he met the normie on the plane from Cairo and that she was looking to do a "Cairo couture" fashion shoot in the Oregon sand dunes. Ramses makes no secret of his disinterest, but Cleo is ecstatic. She insists he lets her contact Anna Wintour and be a model for the shoot and wear her aunt's jewelry, promising in return that she'll supervise the shoot to make sure their interests won't be damaged. Ramses eventually gives in and is profusely thanked for it. Next, Cleo calls her friends to meet with them and speak about the shoot.

Chapter 2: Wax On, Wax Off
Chapter 3: All Charged Up and Nowhere to Go
Chapter 4: Extreme Home Takeover
Chapter 5: Sealed With a Hiss
Chapter 6: The Lone NUDI
Chapter 7: A Window of Opportunity
Chapter 8: Frenemy Territory
Chapter 9: Can Versus Man
Chapter 10: Don't Hate Me Because I'm Boo-tiful
Chapter 11: All's Fair in Love and Gore
Chapter 12: Eat, Drink, and Be Wary
Lost Chapter (Whose Unlucky Number Shall Go Unmentioned)
Main article: Chapter 13: Snatch Me If You Can
Chapter 14: Vanishing Act
Chapter 15: To Normie Is to Love Me
Chapter 16: Tears of a Crown
Chapter 17: The Ghoul Next Door
Chapter 18: Queen Takes Green
Chapter 19: Third-Degree Burns
Chapter 20: Stall Wars
Chapter 21: It's a Wrap
Chapter 22: Mummy's Home
Chapter 23: RAD Rage
Chapter 24: Siren Says
Chapter 25: Saved by the Mel
Chapter 26: Mom Genes



1. Cleo De Nile 2. Hasina 3. Beb 4. Chesisi 5. Ramses De Nile 6........ 7.Bastet 8.Akins 9.Ebonee |10. Ufa 11. Usi


13.Melody Carver 14.Candace Carver |15.Jackson Jekyll 16.Glory Carver 17.Beau Carver |18.Frankiestien 19. Clawdeen Wolf 20. Deuce Gorgon



  • Candace was described as having aqua blue eyes in Monster High, but in chapter 2 of The Ghoul Next Door, she is said to have green eyes.

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