The Ghoul-It-Yourself Book is the fifth book of the Ghoulfriends book series, written by Gitty Daneshvari. It was released on September 02, 2014. Unlike the previous entries of the series, this is an activity book and not a reading book, though it does contain a short story regarding Hexiciah Steam.


Fang out with your ghoulfriends and en"gross" yourself in the student unlife of Monster High. Bring this ghoul-it-yourself journal to Study Howl, the Creepateria, and the Maul to bond with your beasties over Ghoulish Literature, scary-cool poems, delightfully dead dances, spooktacular fashions, and much more Plus, Rochelle shares her scary favorite rules from the coveted Gargoyle Code of Ethics.Then read the exclusive short story by Gitty Daneshvari The ghoulfriends uncover new clues in connection with Robecca's father, the mad scientist Hexiciah Steam Will Robecca finally come face-to-face with her dad?

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