After almost getting tripped up worrying about the size of her feet, Marisol Coxi encourages the ghouls to embrace their freaky flaws.


Catrine, Cleo, Venus, Jane and Jinafire are getting ready for the Gloom and Bloom Dance, trying on outfits and making them. When Jane is trying in her outfit she claims that it would be better if her hair wasn't so monstruous. Jinafire replies that it is her tail that is too long. This leads to Catrine saying her ears aren't pointy enough and Venus wishes her complexion was greener. Opposing, Cleo belives that she is too beautiful. Marisol, who has been hearing the ghoul's, tells them to be quiet and stop worrying about their 'imperfections', so loudly it scares the ghouls. Cleo asks her if she had never wanted to change something about her aesthetic and Marisol, embarassed, tells them the story of how, before, she was unsure about the size of her feet and tried to hide them from everyone, especially from this Bigfoot boy, Sam Squatch, who she is trying to impress. She looks in the internet for solutions, and finds a pair of shoes that will make your feet 3 sizes larger! The ghouls are suprised that Marisol was ashamed of how small her feet are, since they are gigantic compared to theirs. Marisol continues the story by telling them she had spent all her guinea piggy bank savings on the shoes, but when she tried them on, she fell of how big they were on her. Sam, who saw everything, helps her out and asks her for a dance. They dance happily and Marisol tells the ghouls that he liked her for who she was, regardless of how she looked.

The next day, the ghouls meet Marisol in the halls and thank them for their wise words in order to make them love theirselves more. Cleo seems to have missunderstood the message, since she comes in the halls wearing gigantic shoes like Marisol's. She trips and her friends help her out, laughing with her.


  1. Quill Talyntino
  2. Holt Hyde
  3. Scarah Screams
  4. Jane Boolittle
  5. Cleo de Nile
  6. Catrine DeMew
  7. Jinafire Long
  8. Venus McFlytrap
  9. Marisol Coxi
  10. Sansquatch
  11. Slo Mo



  • The title is a play on words of the expression "The Agony of Defeat", a phrase popularized by its inclusion in the opening of the 1961-1998 television show Wide World of Sports.



  • This webisode ends the first Monster Exchange collection and kicks off the Gloom and Bloom storyline, which will carry on until "Bad Tomb-mates".

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