The tentacles monsters are creatures that roam the school grounds and have appeared many times in the series, grabbing and yanking in unsuspecting students at any occasion.

Mad Science Fair

The first tentacle monster to appear was a science project made by the nerd boy. The nerd boy seems very proud of his project as Frankie and Lagoona walk by but he breaks the wind on accident and is grabbed and eaten alive by his own science project.


Road To Monster Mashionals

The next monster grabbed the five-eyed boy in the background while the scene focuses on Clawdeen Wolf. The boy manages to get out a long 'NO' before the monster eats him.


Frightday The 13th

At the beginning of the episode the blue boy is attacked by tentacles from his locker. He somehow manages to break free but is grabbed by the tentacles again a few seconds later. When he is pulled of-screen the monster can be heard swallowing the poor boy.


Miss Infearmation

At the beginning of the episode the troll boy manages to ward off an attack from his locker. He was so proud of himself that he lowered his guard. He was then quickly grabbed by some other tentacles after breaking the wind.


Ghostly Gossip

The same boy is then grabbed by a different set of tentacles. The tentacles are not trying to eat him though.

Unlife To Live

The troll boy then made his last appearance in Unlife to Live. While he was trying to exit the school he was grabbed and eaten by another tentacle monster.

Master Of Hiss-guise

The nerd boy hears of Veronica Von Vamp's presence at school just before the tentacles pull him away and eat him.


  • It is unknown why the tentacle monsters only eat boys. They are seen attacking girls at certain moments but they never try to gobble them up like they do with boys.
  • The tentacle monsters might be triggered by farts as both the troll boy and the nerd boy are eaten directly after they break the wind. However, both Perseus and the hooded girl have farted in the series without any tentacles appearing to eat them.

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