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Teen Scream is a magazine by and for the students of Monster High. It features a large variety of articles, which cover topics such as fashion, advice, gossip, horrorscopes (horoscopes), polls and games. Teen Scream was a feature on the Monster High website that was updated quarterly. Only two issues were published on the site. The title is possibly a homage of the Teen Scene magazine.

Past Teen Scream Magazine Images

Fall/Winter 2011

  • TEEN SCREAM (front cover)
  • TEEN SCREAM (pg.1-2)
  • TEEN SCREAM (pg.3-4)
  • TEEN SCREAM (pg.5-6)
  • TEEN SCREAM (pg.7-8)
  • TEEN SCREAM (pg.9-10)
  • TEEN SCREAM (back cover)

Spring 2012

  • Cover
  • Pages 1 & 2
  • Pages 3 & 4
  • Pages 5 & 6
  • Pages 7 & 8
  • Pages 9 & 10
  • Pages 11 & 12

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