Teala is a 2011-introduced and diary-only character. She is a troll and a student at Monster High.



Teala is a very home-oriented girl, who prior to going to math camp had never left her bridge for more than a day.



Because Toralei Stripe was the only one to notice Teala's tears, Teala gave her alone the story behind them: her boyfriend had broken up with her by text, explaining in slightly more polite words that she was not intelligent enough for him. Toralei was flabberghasted anyone could be that self-absorbed, but the text Teala showed her did prove her story. Deciding that he needed a lesson, she called him without Teala's knowledge and altered her voice to sound like one of the professors he hoped to study under. She told him the application could be rejected on grounds of his weak math results and that if wanted to have a chance he needed to find a tutor. Shortly after, she got an email from Teala that her ex had profusely apologized and begged for her help. Toralei was satisfied with that result.


Teala's first boyfriend broke up with her by text the first night of math camp, elaborating that, with an eye on college, he wanted to keep his options open for an intellectual equal. Teala cried herself to sleep every night of math camp since. On the trip home, Toralei got the story out of her, including confirmation that his grades are all better than Teala's, with the exception of math. Not one to let another's arrogance go unpunished, Toralei secretly made a call to Teala's ex, using her voice acting skills to pretend to be one of the professors the ex admired and pointing out he needed tutoring if he hoped for his application to be considered. As planned, the ex came back on his knees to Teala to beg for help. Teala likely didn't resume the relationship, but the turn of events did help her find closure. Toralei Stripe's Campus Stroll diary


  • Teala is a name Mattel had previously trademarked due to a character from the Little Sparklin' Clouds franchise. The same franchise also contains the character the name Twyla was originally trademarked for.