Creepateria - tall lunch lady

The tall lunch lady is a 2014-introduced and cartoon-only character. She is an unspecified kind of monster and one of the two lunch ladies at Monster High along with her colleague. She takes pride in her work and does not like others offering their opinion on how she should do her job.



The tall lunch lady can be highly vengeful if slighted and hates being corrected, but she's not one to forget gestures of kindness.



The tall lunch lady and the short lunch lady are birds of a feather and like each other's company.


Volume 4

Like everyone else at school, the tall lunch lady gushes over Catty Noir. Just One of the Ghouls When several students suggest they can run the creepateria better, the lunch ladies seek retribution. They steal the students' food cart, but accidentally ram a hole in the creepateria walls with it. Frankie claims they did it as part of a plan to expand the creepateria, saving them from being fired. Creepateria

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