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Sweet Screams
Sweet Screams - lineup stockphoto
Name Status: Trademark
Release Date(s): Mid December, 2013
Assortment Number(s): BHN00
Model Number(s): BHN01 — Draculaura
BHN02 — Frankie Stein

Sweet Screams is a candy-themed line of at least two dolls: Frankie Stein and Draculaura. The line is exclusive to Target and was released in December 2013


Sweet Screams was trademarked on July 08, 2013.

Assortment relations

Similarly to the Scarily Ever After line, the dolls come with story booklets.

Doll logs

Each doll comes with a booklet with a story inside and a few lines of the story on the back of the box.


Sweet Screams has not been featured in any fiction.

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