Spookenkhamun is the spirit of an ancient pharaoh trapped within a cursed amulet, and the main villain of the video game New Ghoul in School. He wanted to conquer the entire monster world. He is the uncle of Cleo de Nile and the brother of Dedyet de Nile . Unlike Amuncommon and Notalotincommon, his name is spelled with the "common" sounding suffix "khamun" rather than the actual "common".



Thousands of years ago, King Spookenkhamun was the headmaster of Pharoah High, a school for Egypt's many monsters and mythical creatures. Not satisfied with ruling a school, he desired to conquer the entire Monster World, and set about creating an army of students with special powers, using a curse to control and submit his students to his will. His plan was discovered by a young Headless Headmistress Bloodgood, who was visiting the school for an exchange program. She reported Spookenkhamun to the authorities, and he was punished by being banished inside an amulet. The amulet somehow ended up being sent to Spookenkhamun's estranged sister, Cleo's mother.

Centuries later, Cleo de Nile receives the amulet for her birthday. By then, Spookenkhamun had recovered most of his power, and was able to curse and control Cleo through the amulet. Through her, he was able to bring most of Monster High's students under his will and begin his plan for world domination all over again. Fortunately, he was foiled by Lagoona Blue, Frankie Stein and the main character of the game, who were able to get the amulet away from Cleo and destroy it for good.