This page is about Spelldon Cauldrenello, who is a possibly a wizard/magical creature from someplace. This character is either completely new to the franchise or only recently upgraded from backgrounder status. Whichever is the case, there's very little information on them available yet. Check back later to find a more in-depth article.
Spelldon Cauldrenello is a student at Monster High, of curretly unknown species, which has only frequented Monster High for a few weeks.



Spelldon has an older sister, whom he has been travelling with, the reason why he has enrolled at Monster High.


Spelldon met Kieran Valentine while the former tried to reform from his villanous past, by helping the students with their dance, failing I Only Have Eye for You . They bumped into each other and, considering Spelldon didn't hold any grudges against Valentine, they became friends and even exchanged phone numbers.[[Kieran Valentine's SDCCI diary |Kieran Valentine's SDCCI diary ]]



  • His name is a play on the name 'Sheldon.'

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