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The Skullette is one of the two symbols of Monster High and incorporated in most versions of the other symbol, which is the crest of Monster High. She is the counterpart of Brooke Page of Ever After High, although while there there's only one Brooke Page, ther are multiple versions of the Skullette. A large portion of the Monster High merchandise features the Skullette or one of its variations somewhere in the design - some items even are in the form of the Skullette.


Character Skullettes


The character skullettes are the skullette symbols used for the different characters.

  • Frankie's Skullette has a big stitch across it's head and bolts on each side. The signature color is blue.
  • Draculaura's Skullette has vampire fangs, bat wings as pigtails with pink bows on them. The signature color is pink.
  • Clawdeen's Skullette has a tuft of messy hair, wolf ears with an earring and fangs. The signature color is purple.
  • Lagoona's Skullette has scales on the head and fin ears. The signature color is light aqua.
  • Cleo's Skullette is mummified with bandages. The signature color is gold.
  • Deuce's Skullette has snakes on the head (like Deuce). The signature color is lime green.
  • Ghoulia's Skullette has zipper earrings and red glasses. The signature color is red.
  • Holt's Skullette has fire emerging from the head. The signature color is light orange.
  • Clawd's Skullette has sideburns, wolf ears, fangs and a straight tuft of hair. The signature colour is teal.
  • Abbey's Skullette has furry ear muffs. The signature color is ice blue.
  • Spectra's Skullette fades like a ghost would. The signature color is magenta, which is gradiated in color, as if disappearing.
  • Toralei's Skullette has cat stripes on the head and cheeks, plus cat ears with earings. The signature color is orange.
  • Jackson's Skullette has 'normie boy' hair and a bow-tie. The signature color is grey.
  • Operetta's Skullette has a mask just like hers. The signature color is velvet red.
  • Howleen's Skullette features her afro-puff of hair on it. The signature color is blue.
  • Two skullettes are associated with Venus, one looks regular and has curled hair with a shaved patch, the other is patterned with green and blue, (to like the Earth) with spikes coming out of half the head. The signature color is lime green.
  • Robecca's skullette is a regular skullette with pop rivets across it. The signature color is sepia brown.
  • Rochelle's skullette has cracks and her ears on it. The signature color is light pink.
  • Catrine's skullette has a beret and cat ears. The signature color is periwinkle.
  • Jinafire's skullette has dragon scales that fades to gold. The signature color is gold.
  • Skelita's skullette has a sugar skull design. The signature color is black.
  • Catty's skullette is similar to Toralei's skullette with the excemption of the broken mirror pattern on the skullette. The signature color is silver.
  • Wydowna's skulette is a regular skullete with six extra small eyes. The signature color is bloody red.
  • Honey's skullette has a crocodile like pattern. The signature color is Turquise
  • Viperine's skullette features her snakes. The signature color is pink.
  • Clawdia's skullette features her eyeglass. The signaure color is yellow.
  • Jane's skullette features her feather headband and her makeup. The signature color is red.
  • Bonita's skullette features her moth horns, wings and lines next to her eyes.
  • Avea's skullette features her horse ears and feathery wings.
  • Garrot's skulette features his gargoyle ears, his signiture red scarf and a crack through his head. The signature colour is maroon red.
  • Lorna's skulette features her anphibian-like ears and her signiture plaid hat. Her signiture colour is red.
  • Iris' skulette features one eye only and has freckles.

Other Skullettes

  • A pumpkin skullette was released with a series of Halloween posters, it features an orange skull with black vertical stripes.
  • A skullette with a beret was seen on Rochelle's Scaris diary, a skullette of rot iron motif was seen on Clawdeen's and a skulette with six red eyes is seen on Wydowna Spider's 2013 SDCCI doll box and clothes.

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