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Skelen Moania is a 2012-introduced and book-only character. She is a zombie from a well-to-do family that likely were among the first inhabitants of New Salem, as Skelen is the founder of the town's oldest cemetery, the Skelemoanian.



Skelen is part of a rich family that established itself in New Salem at some point between 1500 and 1800. With her family's fortune, Skelen erected the Skelemoanian, New Salem's first and never-surpassed cemetery. The Skelemoanian, which is always shrouded in shadows, contains only a few headstones and mostly holds luxurious tombs, mausoleums, and underground crypts. The Moanias built their own mausoleum on Skelemoanian grounds too, which more due to a design flaw than grandeur became the most atmosphere-inducing construction around. Due to cracks in the marble, wind passing through is transformed, depending on strength, to anything from a persistent buzz to a faint whisper to a loud wail.


A woman of standing, Skelen enjoys to show off. She believes that people should not hold back in life, unlife, or the afterlife and expresses that herself by sparing no expenses on any project or activity she picks up.



The Dance of the Delightfully Dead is to take place at the Skelemoanian. When Sylphia Flapper hijacks the dance to further her plans, the cemetery is redecorated in her honor, which includes that the limestone statue of Skelen at the main entrance is dressed up to resemble Flapper, including crafted wings and a red wig. Ghoulfriends Forever

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