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Sir Hoots A Lot
Pet of a Monster High Student
Profile art - Sir Hoots A Lot
Age 4
Killer Style I am classically dapper in both appearance and attitude.
Pet Ghoulia Yelps. She spends an extraordinary amount of time reading and gaining knowledge. I approve.
Favorite Activity I most enjoy an evening glide under a full moon.
Biggest Pet Peeve Why is it always "wise old owl"? I believe that I am very wise for my age, which is not old.
Favorite Food I have a preference for small rodents.
BFFs Rhuen and Shiver

Sir Hoots A Lot is Ghoulia Yelps's pet owl.

Physical Description

Sir Hoots A Lot is a male, cotton candy blue owl with big eyes and a white chest.

Bio Description

"The perfect companion even though he absolutely refuses to be a message courier for me."


  • The name "Sir Hoots A Lot" is probably based on Sir Lancelot, of the Knights of the Round Table legend.

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