Beast Friends - Simon at game

Simon Clops[1] is a 2011-introduced and cartoon-only character. He is an extremely tall cyclops and a student at Monster High. He is a member of the casketball team and is only ever seen wearing the team uniform.



Super Fan - MH casketball team

Though Simon has appeared often, so far there's little to say about his personality.



Nothing is known about Simon's family.


Simon is likely friends with the rest of the casketball team and Manny Taur, the latter he walked to school with in "The Need for Speed"


A Perfect Match - no winking

Simon attended the speed-dating session with Abbey Bominable in "A Perfect Match", but was rejected due to him constantly "winking".



Though he started out as a backgrounder, Simon from the start had a slightly better treatment because he was often given a speaking role. He has so far appeared in "Beast Friends", "Super Fan", "Dodgeskull" ,"Uncommon Cold", "Hiss-toria", "The Need for Speed", "Mauled", and " Scare-born Infection".

Volume 2

Simon plays a game of casketball in the hallways with the rest of the team. Beast Friends

Volume 3

Simon is the initial victim of the cooties, but manages to pass them on to Invisi Billy. Scare-born Infection


The Monster High casketball team has another big match. Hot Couture



  • Due to the webisodes not containing credits, it is not known for certain how Simon's name is spelled. It could be either Simon or Cymon.

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