Volume 3, Episode 7: Clawd pits his feuding sisters against each other to help get his chores done at the Wolf house.


Deuce and Romulus come by the Wolf household to ask Clawd if he wants to see the new Scary Rotter flick with them. Clawd wants to see the movie, but explains that he can't go until he finishes all the chores that his mom assigned him. At that moment, Clawdeen and Howleen step outside the door, once again caught in a fierce argument about Howleen's tendency to borrow Clawdeen's clothes without asking (in this case, a dress that Howleen claims Clawdeen doesn't even wear anymore and claims looks better on her than it does on Clawdeen). Once they've gone back inside, Deuce comments how hard it must be to be living with sisters who fight like that. Romulus clarifies it's a wolf thing to try to establish dominance, remarking that his own sisters always make a competition out of everything. This gives Clawd a great idea on how to get his chores done--he tells Deuce and Romulus that he'll be able to see the movie with them, and asks to come back within an hour, claiming that he'll have his chores done by then.

Clawd first goes to Clawdeen's room with a basket full of laundry, casually asking if she's seen Howleen because he wants some tips from her for how to do laundry perfectly. This riles up Clawdeen, who grabs the basket to show Clawd she's better at it than he claims Howleen to be. Next, Clawd goes to Howleen and pulls the same stunt to get her to mow the lawn. Every time a sister is done with one chore, he goes back to trick her into doing another by bringing up the other sister.

An hour later, Romulus and Deuce return and ask if Clawd can come. Clawd mirthfully says he can, making it no secret to his sisters he manipulated them to do his chores for him. As he goes off to the movies with his friends, for one moment Clawdeen and Howleen drop their conflict to be angry at their brother, right until Clawdeen suggests she figured out Clawd's game before Howleen did.


  1. Deuce Gorgon
  2. Romulus
  3. Clawd Wolf
  4. Clawdeen Wolf
  5. Howleen Wolf



  • Scary Rotter is a pun on Harry Potter, a popular book series that spawned a movie series.


  • The Wolfs' mother is heard 'speaking' for the first time.
  • The outside of the Wolf residence is shown for the first time.


  • Clawdeen and Howleen walk outside, but then walk back inside right after.