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Pet of a Monster High Student
Profile art - Shiver
Age 4
Killer Style I'm really into wool these days. Actually every day-it's kind of my thing.
Pet Abbey Bominable. She's really cool.
Favorite Activity I love snowball fights and cave painting.
Biggest Pet Peeve Stop with the trunk jokes already. I'm only four but I'm pretty sure I've heard them all by now.
Favorite Food Hay. I just can't get enough of it. No really. I'm a big eater.
BFFs Rhuen and Sir Hoots A Lot

Shiver is Abbey Bominable's pet woolly mammoth.

Physical Description

Shiver is a baby blue and white fluffy baby albino mammoth.

Bio Description

"Her feelings being the kind not so easily punctured."


  • The trademark for the name Shiver was requested in 2004, which makes it the oldest Monster High-related trademark.
    • However, this trademark was more than likely for Shiver, a polar bear featured in Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus.
  • On Abbey's box, Shiver's name may be mispelled with two V's. Not all boxes have the misspelling.


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