Shiva Nataraja is a character mentioned in the video game New Ghoul in School, and a former student at Monster High.



Age-old myths at Monster High tell of a legendary fearleading captain at Monster High, who, within several achievements, led the Fearleading Team to Monster Mashionals's victoty five years in a row. Her secret for success was the possession of ancient cosmic formuled fearleading steps that when combined together guaranteed victory. However, decades ago, she mysteriously disappeared, but the same tales of her existence claim that her set of steps is still hidden somewhere at Monster High.


  • She shares her first name with the Hindu god, destroyer of the world, and therefore is safe to be assumed of Hindu descendance and offspring of Hindu folklore.
  • Additionally, her surname is a reference to the famous deciption of Shiva as Nataraja, the cosmic dancer who performs a dance that destroys the world. The word itself means God of Dance.