The Shadow Poacher is the main villain whose focus seems to be to cause emotional distress. His only appeareance was in the webisode "Daydream of the Dead", in which he tried to steal a precious comic at Nekrocon, but Ghoulia Yelps was able to stop him.



Like any other villains, Shadow Poacher is sinister and is a criminal and a thief. He seems very confident at what he does and can take care of any situations. He seems to like psychological torture (as he did to the audience below from "Daydream of the Dead" with ruining the comic). Shadow Poacher seems to know close-range combat very well, as he did so when taking a sucker-punch at Ghoulia Yelps (but she dodges him!). He seems quick-witted and intelligent.


Shadow Poacher's appearence consist of a dark tunic with a cape with the color of plum. He wears a huge floppy hat as if it's attached to his darkened body. His appearence is somewhat skinny-to-average size/shape. His face is darkened only showing his white eyes and sly-like smile.


  • It is not explained in "Daydream of the Dead" just who the Shadow Poacher actually is. Is he a regular enemy of Dead Fast, did Ghoulia make him up in her vision of Dead Fast's world, or is he an enemy Ghoulia made up to do battle with in her dream interpretation of the real world?