Pharaoh Seth

Seth, side-by-side, as Pharaoh and as Seth.

Seth Ptolemy, also known by his stage name Pharaoh, is a 2015-introduced and cartoon-only character. He is a mummy and a member of the very prestigious Ptolemy family.


Seth Ptolemy is voiced by T.J. Smith.



Seth is a member of the Ptolemy family, one of the richest and most famous monster families in the world, who live in Ptolemy Tower in Boo York. He is often named the 'Prince of Boo York'. He has a passion for poetry, but is considered boring by some people. Secretly however, Seth is a talented rapper and dancer, and loves to perform on the streets of Boo York. His mother, Amuncommon, doesn't appreciate his style of music, so he sneaks out in secret by travelling over the city rooftops.

Seth fears he'll never get the chance to sing again when he learns his mother is planning to unite his family with the De Niles on the Night of the Comet. But he has a chance meeting with Catty Noir, who convinces him to finally reveal his true self to his mother. However, he and Catty have their voices stolen by Nefera, who is determined to betroth him to Cleo. Thankfully, Catty and the Ghoulfriends are able to foil Nefera's plot and return his voice.


Seth Ptolemy 3D

Pharaoh rapping.

Seth has medium brown skin, with short, dark brown hair styled with Egyptian symbols. When performing, he wears a tank top, baggy harem pants and an Egyptian-style collar over his bandages. When appearing with his mother, he wears a dark suit and a large gold mask, which hides his face.



Seth's mother is Amuncommon Ptolemy, the head of his family.


Seth meets Catty Noir while performing, and the two develop a close bond over their love of music. By the end of the movie, their feelings for each other are confirmed.