Secret Creepers Adventures is a game released on the Monster High website on April 03, 2014. It promotes the Secret Creepers - Pets and Secret Creepers - Critters merchandise and ties in with the "Creature Creepers Adventures" series of webisodes, including narration by Jane Boolittle.


There are four missions for the player to choose from with each focussing on a specific student & pet combo. These are Frankie Stein & Watzit, Ghoulia Yelps & Sir Hoots A Lot, Draculaura & Count Fabulous, and Abbey Bominable & Shiver. Each mission requires the player to take the role of the pets and retrieve the respective student's missing item by following a trail of clues. In Watzit's mission, Frankie has lost her pom poms. In Sir Hoots A Lot's mission, Ghoulia has lost the final page of her own comic book. In Count Fabulous's mission, Draculaura has lost her birthday present for Clawd Wolf. And in Shiver's mission, Abbey has lost her snowboard.

Each mission is divided in three levels: The Classroom, The Catacombs, and The Secret Creepers Crypt. Based on silhouettes in the lower left corner, the player is supposed to collect two to three items per level. At least one of these can be found and collected straight away, but the rest may require manipulation of the environment with another item first. If an item is to be used, a question box will pop up to provide a hint as to how to use it. Dragging the item over the correct location makes it turn from transparent to solid, but only after any previous requirements are met. Some items, specifically keys, have to be collected in two parts before they can be used.

Each level contains with a timer worth 1000 points at the start. Each second spent on solving the level equals a loss of five points. Using a hint, available in the upper right, costs 100 points. Finding a pet badge, of which there are three each level, is worth 200 points per badge.


Secret Creepers Adventures - Watzit's mission Secret Creepers Adventures - Sir Hoots A Lot's mission
Secret Creepers Adventures - Count Fabulous's mission Secret Creepers Adventures - Shiver's mission