Scarily Ever After is a line of three dolls that was released in Mid July, 2012 as Target exclusives. The dolls each don the identities and outfits of famous, if monsterfied, fairy tale characters. The characters available in the line are Frankie Stein as Threadarella, Clawdeen Wolf as Little Dead Riding Wolf, and Draculaura as Snow Bite.


Scarily Ever After was trademarked on August 21, 2012. Nonetheless, the assortment was originally listed as 'Scary Tales' on Target's website and several others, some of which still list it as such. Due to this, fans usually refer to this line as 'Scary Tales' rather than Scarily Ever After.

Assortment relations

Scarily Ever After is comparable to the Power Ghouls series in the way the series' story is fiction within the Monster High universe itself and the characters are promoted and sold under different names than in other lines.

Doll logs

The three dolls all come with a pack-in quote, a story introduction on the back of the box, and a booklet containing a fairytale. The quote and story introduction are repeated in the fairytale booklet.


Scarily Ever After has not been featured in any fiction.


  • Oddly, of the three fairy tale names, Threadarella is the only one with a trademark.


Doll stockphotography - Scarily Ever After Frankie Doll stockphotography - Scarily Ever After Draculaura Doll stockphotography - Scarily Ever After Clawdeen
Frankie Stein Draculaura Clawdeen Wolf