The Agony of D'Feet - Sansquatch

Sansquatch is a 2015-introduced and cartoon-only character. He is a maricoxi who lives in Monster Picchu.



Sansquatch is a tall, handsome maricoxi with brown, shaggy hair covering his body. He wears bightly coloured vests and loose trousers, and keeps his large feet bare. He has a deep raspy voice and a strong hyspanic accent. He has green eyes, pointy ears and a big chin. His hair is long and styled in a ponytail and has long sideburns.


He has a good heart and aims to help, he is accepting of people, even if those same people are different from what expected.


The Agony of D'Feet - bueno


Sansquatch appears to have a friendship with two other male maricoxis.


In "The Agony of D'Feet", he asks Marisol to dance with him at a party, and seems to like her romantically.


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